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Dubai import export business

Dubai import export business

To be familiar with the background study of Dubai import export business; we have to go back to the most ancient records. The UAE has been understandably place as a focal point for worldwide trade; which is in the middle of Asia and Europe on east-west partnership; and also the CIS and Africa on axis of north and south.

For import export business in Dubai also has a rich maritime history. At the same time as old as the 6thcentury, around the time of the beginning of Islam, Arab merchants would go in a conventional boat; and cover up a massive distances to trade spices all along the Route of Silk. The main trading route was at that time that starts from China through to the Sea of Mediterranean. Going back further more for import export business in Dubai; as early as 3000 BC, the UAE was very wealthy in natural resources; and in copper trade with countries such as Persia and Mesopotamia.

The discovery of area and export of oil came to begin in 1962. Another much more important trading milestone came in the near beginning of 1960s; when at that time Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, was the sovereign of Dubai; he had the vision of dredging stream of Dubai to let large shipping vessels to enter. In 1972 Port Rashid was inaugurated and in 1985 Jebel Ali Port, the first free trade zone of UAE.

Nowadays Dubai import export business is a very important license; as it allows import and export in between east and west. The Gulf Cooperation Council vast seacoast, extending from the Gulf of Oman to the east as well as the Arabian Gulf to the west; led to the growth of a number of strategic ports over the years. The Hormuz channel at a standstill provides a road for above 40 percent of the world’s crude oil. With continue growths and major logistics hubs e.g. Kizad, Dubai World Central, part of Abu Dhabi; the UAE is growing its exports as well as imports business capacity.

Definition of Import export business in Dubai

Dubai import license is the process of bringing products into the UAE from all around the world; from one of the Emirates free trade zones or vice versa into a free trade zone from a UAE main land; while matching the legal necessities of country in terms of licensing and documents as well as permissions. The most important point about such license is that, it will allow you to be an importer; it includes a legal trade license to be having issue by license authority of UAE and that is register with the department of Customs.

Dubai Export license is the guiding principle of carriage commodities as well as services of locally produced to other countries or among free trade zones of UAE and companies of main land as pointed out in the above lines. The same aspects of licensing also apply as mentioned above.

Dubai import export business

If you want to export products or want to trade; then you require Dubai import export business license; like many other departments of government you also require registering with Customs of Dubai; now Dubai Customs will bound to provide a full range of e-Services to capably manage the import and export of commodities. The online declaration and clearing system of Dubai Custom is called Mirsal 2. Its direct customer information consists about the procedure on how taking initiate and registration with Mirsal 2.

Dubai Customs Registration is comparatively unambiguous and can be done online; even though you will need a number of documents to be presenting in front of the authority; which is to the customs office. All objects which are imports to Dubai as well as those which are exports from Dubai should be passing all the way through the customs office. The staff of Dubai Customs is keeping in hand a list of those substances which are prohibited; that is in term of import and export. Dubai Customs in coalition with DP World as well as JAFZA to build the online gateway for Dubai Trade; which provide a one stop shop for the Dubai import export business and events of trading in Dubai.

Free trade contracts connecting the UAE and other countries bounds the amount of tariffs put on traded item between these countries. The UAE has such contracts with a number of countries.

Import and export procedures in UAE between a free zone and a local company

All free trade zones in Dubai are the integral part of the UAE territory; but at the same time they are also consider outside of UAE customs territory. Therefore they are focal point to customs control other than standard customs actions. The common requirements for import export business in UAE free zone area are as under

  • The importer require to have a officially authorized importer code from authority of customs
  • Goods should be the same that are point out under the activity of the license of import export business in UAE
  • Commodities have to accomplish your destination in the free zone within 72 hours from the time of customs declaration
  • The free zone license are not assume to open, adjust or dispense of the commodities; before to their arrival in the free zone and approval of customs
  • Commodities have to be checked prior to entering in the area of free trade zone 

Import and export procedures in UAE free zone from a foreign country

Free zone licenses are free from the expenses of customs duties. Goods may be stored for an unlimited time; depending on its type and the validity of the free zone import export business in UAE.

Documents require are Dubai import export business

  1. Order of delivery – from the shipping or airline agent addressed to the Dubai import export business by the licensing management in the free zone area
  2. Note on Delivery – confirming the approval of commodities through the free zone company; if the delivery is moved by ground or from other areas of free zone
  3. Following copy of the bill of lading for sea shipment, manifest of road for land shipment; and original bill of airway for Import export business in UAE.
  4. For restricted supplies import authorize from the expert agencies in the free zone
  5. Invoice of sales total quantity detailing from the free zone licensee; description of commodities, currency and sum value of each and every individual item
  6. Original and complete invoice item-wise with categorization of HS codes from the transporter addressed to the free zone license
  7. Certificate of source with stating the origin of products accepted by the country of chamber of commerce origins.
  8. Detailed list of Packing as per weight, process of packing; as well as the code of HS for all  item individually contained in the shipment
  9. Form of Import goods declaration for Import export business in Dubai
Import export business in Dubai

At present the above mention documents to every center of customs; that comes under the jurisdiction of Dubai customs at Jebel Ali port, also port Rashid; Aweer terminal as well as airport free zone or cargo village. A bill of entry will be issue on submitting documents to clear the commodities into the free zone area.

Anyhow if you are unsuccessful to put forward the actual bill of lading; or airway bill, invoice or certificate of origin; that is at the time of issuing the free zone transit in; a deposit of Dh 500 require to be paid. An evidence of the cost of goods must be offer in the absence of invoices. The claim bill for reimbursement must be prepared within 59 days from the bill date.

After the cargo gets clear by the staff of customs, the vendor collects the goods on compensation of storage; and managing as well as any other charges of port. Scrutinizes of all the items are needs upon the entry; but apart from those that comes from the local market; in view of the fact that they already clear from customs there in the local area. The seals must be unbroken of incoming consignments and are to be open; that is in the presence of a customs inspector only. Any violation of such rule may draw action of penal.

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how to setup a real estate company in Dubai

how to setup a real estate company in Dubai

Real estate company formation in Dubai is one of the demanding businesses in the area. To register real estate company in Dubai you have a lot of option; like real estate developers, real estate manufacture, a real estate brokers (or agents); because investors interesting to invest in real estate in the region. The gov’t of Dubai is frequently organizing the region’s major Real Estate event; with 10,000 expected visitors and above 300 exhibitors per day ranging from brokers; to developers, to closing stages-users starving to grab a discount. These events are organizing to announce new projects. That is why the demand for Real Estate company formation in Dubai is very high.

Real Estate company formation in Dubai

Dubai is the only state in UAE which is not relying on oil as well as petroleum; due to less oil as well as petroleum reserves in the state. But Dubai cover this weakness of less resources by starting other projects; like high volume of import and export, tourism, business, infrastructure etc. for progress of the state. Business pleasant policies by Dubai govt. and political stability in the state; allows Dubai to become world leader in business opportunities. So Real Estate company formation in Dubai is one of the top opportunities for expat to invest in Dubai. Thus they are looking for how to setup a real estate company in Dubai.

Real Estate company registration in Dubai

One of the most demanding license in Dubai is real estate license; because not only expat but local UAE nation are also looking for how to get real estate license in Dubai. There is a contest in Gulf States for multistory building constructions and without any doubt Dubai is in advance in this race. It is clear from the high towers in Dubai including world’s tallest building Burj al Khalifa; along with Marina 101, world’s highest residential building, Princess Tower, Burj al Arab and many more. In order to support leisure industry in the state; the govt. is also give high rank to structures like man made artificial islands. Palm Jumeirah is one such example while building is in progress for other such islands like Deira Island, Palm Jebel Ali, The World, Maritime City and others.

Real Estate company registration in Dubai is also on the top; because Dubai has no mode to go back on these buildings. The building on several such high as well as unique structures is in progress; and also a number of plans for such constructions have been approves. Apart from that, more and more expat are living in Dubai and others are planning to purchase or hire housing buildings in Dubai. All these factors are openly showing that there are a number of opportunities for setting up a real estate business in Dubai; and these opportunities will further increase in the near future.

How to setup a real estate company in Dubai

First of all to setup a real estate company in Dubai; it is essential to describe the accurate type of activity which you will perform. There are a number of activities for which you can setup a real estate company in Dubai; that is real estate agency, broker, developer as well as auctioneer to leasing and property management. Every one requires diverse business models, levels of investment as well as legal nuts and bolts.
For instance, if you are looking for how to register a real estate brokerage in UAE; that either leases or sells property, there are just two types of legal structure which can be registered; a Limited Liability Company or a Sole Establishment. Also note that a UAE national will own the entire business.

How to setup a real estate company in Dubai for Consultancy Services

Consultancy real estate company registration in Dubai allows professional firms to apply for providing services of consultancy; that is to third parties on the credit of private property; including real property, to gain money from financial institutions to purchase other property. It covers mortgage of refinancing, closing and clearing loan, selecting finance institutions; penalties of cancelling the finance, preparing mortgage documents or mortgage arrangements; refinancing or mortgaging fully-paid property; also arranging for other mortgages or transferring a mortgage to another financial institution; as well as valuation of flat and variable finance rates.

The activities of these firms shall not comprise of providing mortgage services.

Real Estate Consultancies to setup a real estate company in Dubai

  • Activity Code : 741404
  • Activity Group : Consultancy -D- management, information and marketing
  • License Type : Professional

Activity Description consultancy real estate company formation in Dubai provide sound advice to probable buyers; as well as developing strategies to achieve their goals and objectives; it include showing properties, analyzing sales statistics, sourcing appraisers; referring mortgage service providers, contractors as well as renovation providers; examining contracts before making offers, closing and escrow expertise.

Real estate development license Dubai

Real estate development license Dubai encourage established companies to build up real estate projects; to relate to construct compounds for residential as well as commercial facilities for tourist; so that to expand infrastructure and to provide all conveniences and facilities. It includes present real estate projects owned by the holders of license as well as other people for auction on freehold basis; through contract between the developers and owners of land. A developer should open a real estate account before implementing the project.

Real estate development license Dubai

  • Activity Code : 659908
  • Activity Group : Real estate
  • License Type : Professional

Activity Description: Real estate development license Dubai form for the development; and founding of real estate projects which include housing and commercial complexes; tourism projects, and the development of the infrastructure and leisure facilities for such projects. It also covers the selling of the property or projects per the free hold ownership law of property; whether owned by the license holders or another party through a contract signed between the developer and the land owner and registration of the contract in the Escrow Accounts Department ahead of the commencement of the project.

Property management license Dubai

Property management license Dubai allows a firm to provide genuine property management services. This includes contracting with cleaning, maintenance and companies of security; managing the affairs administration of real property; and contract with real estate brokers to lease vacant units of real estate. These firms might not provide services of brokerage for the sale, resale or lease of real property.

Property management license Dubai

  • Activity Code702006
  • Activity Group Real estate
  • License Type Professional

Activity Description : Property management license Dubai allows to manage; as well as supervise properties as concerning contracting with the firms in accuse of cleaning; maintenance as well as security services; conduct the administrative problems for the owner of  property’s; organize with lease brokers to find tenants for not in use units in the building. Property management license Dubai is not allow to practice selling, releasing or leasing properties

How to get real estate license in Dubai as buyer and seller

This service raises your spirits applying to provide brokerage services for renting Real property. Such service is obtainable to companies that act as link between landlords and tenants. These companies provide their services in return for commissions; and their role ends upon execution of the relevant agreements.

How to get real estate license in Dubai as Real Estate buying & selling Brokerage

  • Activity Code : 702001
  • Activity Group : Real estate
  • License Type : Commercial

Activity Description Includes firms dealing with buying and selling of property acting as brokers between the owners and buyers. The role ends with the signing of the contract and upon receipt of agreed commission.

How to get real estate license in Dubai as Buying and selling of real estate

  • Activity Code : 701001
  • Activity Group : Real estate
  • License Type : Commercial

Activity Description Includes firms busy in trade and advertising real estate; such as residential and non-residential buildings as well as land; these firms are not allowed to practice the activity Real Estate Development.

How to get real estate license in Dubai; how to register real estate company in Dubai; And how to setup a real estate company in Dubai; how to register a real estate brokerage in UAE

A main point to think and consider before thinking of how to setup a real estate company in Dubai; that is, only a UAE national can own a real estate companies; and also note that one person can only get one license of such company. So this means that you need to find a local person who does not have any other real estate company on his or her name. UAE national will hold 51% shares of the business but you can make an agreement of different profit share with him. But the rule of having local sponsor does not apply in case you are going to setup your company in a free zone or opening a foreign company.

Before looking for how to register real estate company in Dubai, you need to do some market research. You can simply do this study by talking an expert consultant in business setup field; but reading local newspapers or go to a conference on local industry; will only give you an idea of the real estate business; but it will not educate you on how to register real estate company in Dubai. So only an expert business consultant knows the process; rules and regulation. After getting knowledge about the real estate business in UAE; it will be easier for you to choose whether it is suitable for you to set up such type of company; in the UAE mainland or one of the free zones; or you should work as a broker for an already established real estate company in Dubai.

How to get real estate license in Dubai

The first step for How to get real estate license in Dubai; is registration of trade name for your real estate company. This trade name should be link with the type of your business. It means you can use the terms of ‘developer, real estate or broker’ if you are using such activities in your business.

The real process to get real estate license in Dubai will start after getting the trade name. You can apply for advance registration of RERA in Dubai. You can have RERA approval after completing real estate course of 20 hours with cost of AED 12,020; in case of a post-secondary degree. Otherwise, the period of this course is 49 hours and it will cost AED 12,020. It is a compulsory course by the order of Dubai govt. so that the entrepreneur must know basics about his or her business.

After getting RERA certificate, you will sign the MOA “Notary Public”; after which the authority will issue license for establishment of the company.

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How to open a private clinic in Dubai

How to open a private clinic in Dubai

A medical individual who wants to setup medical clinic in Dubai; he or she is required to obtain a license to setup a medical clinic in Dubai; which is provided by the Department of Economic Development (DED). For this purpose you need the services of a local service agent to open a private clinic in Dubai. And after getting services of a local agent and obtaining a license; you can also apply for a few numbers of workers visa; who will also be roof under the same medical clinic license.

If you are you are searching for how to open a private clinic in Dubai; you must know that every medical person need to obtain a license from Dubai Health Authority (DHA); whereas Doctors wanting to open a private clinic in Dubai must obtain specific licenses; that is from DHA depend upon as to whether they are general practitioners; interns, specialists, consultants as well as resident doctors. Similarly, dentists, Nurses and other medical practitioners like as Ayurveda; Homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicines, also Unani medicines, etc must obtain specific licenses from DHA.

If you want to open a medical clinic in Dubai For the above mentioned medical practices; then you need a medical degree; but if you don’t have a degree then you can acquire the services of a Director; who must have hold a medical degree in order to open a private clinic in Dubai. All staffs at all levels must also be fully license in the UAE to deliver their services. Furthermore, the international diploma is not enough in the UAE; the Doctor as well as nurse is needed to pass a local exam to get his individual license first. All the certified medical staffs must know English; that is writing as well as reading.

To open a medical clinic in Dubai there are very strict rules for acquiring space; that is in terms of size, finishing, utility area, equipment, etc to open a private clinic in Dubai. Besides, each type of medical institution has its own requirements. For example, required facilities are different to open a dental clinic in Dubai clinic and dental poly clinic.

To open a dental clinic in Dubai or to open a private clinic in Dubai requires great amount of training; as well as on field experience and plenty financial funds. Besides, it is also necessary to obtain a large number of all the possible approvals; and also certifications from the concerned quarters.

Set up clinic in Dubai requires lot of approvals from various departments; which can trouble experts who are new in UAE according to health law. DHA also has different licenses for alternative experts like Ayurveda; Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Acupuncture to name a few. It has been started since 2014 that a medical expert can setup clinics and practice in any emirate; that is without undergoing any additional exams or tests.

How to open a Private clinic in Dubai | How to open a medical clinic in Dubai | How to open a dental clinic in Dubai

To open a medical clinic in Dubai you must be holding a medical degree; or you can do this through a Director of clinic with medical degree. You can open a private clinic in Dubai in the fields of urology, gynecology, dentistry as well as cosmetology; or you can also start a complete medical center. You need to obtain a license from DED in case you want to set up clinic in Dubai. The license has to be approving from (DHA). DHA will provide specific license for consultants, resident doctors, interns, specialists as well as general practitioners. You will only require a local service agent for registration of your license. The whole process for obtaining a license for opening a clinic or a poly clinic can be divide into the following steps:

  1. Reservation of Trade Name
  2. Initial approval from Department of Economic Development (DED)
  3. Initial approval from DHA
  4. Executing Documents
  5. Final Approval from DED
  6. License by DHA

The below paragraphs shall briefly describe the steps involve in obtaining license; that is for opening a clinic or poly clinic in Dubai.

Reservation of Trade name to set up clinic in Dubai

The registration process to open a private clinic in Dubai; is starts with the selection of trade name for your clinic. This name will be sent to D.E.D for approval which will complete first stage for registration.

Initial approval from DED to set up clinic in Dubai

After reservation of trade name, the shareholder needs to file an application to DED; so to obtain initial approval for a clinic. Several necessary documents, including passport copy, must also be provided with this application. Approval of layout plan of the clinic from Dubai municipality is also need for this approval.

Initial approval from DHA to set up clinic in Dubai

In the third step, the investor will apply license from DHA after initial approval from DED. The approval includes obtaining license after providing documents like feasibility report for clinic.

Executing Documents to set up clinic in Dubai

In the 4th step, the investor will prepare important documents like lease agreement, memorandum etc. So that to set up clinic in Dubai.

Final approval from DED to set up clinic in Dubai

The last two steps include final approvals from DED. You will submit all the prepared documents along with copy of initial approval and fee for registration of company. The DED will issue the trade license after verification of these documents.

Final approval from DHA to set up clinic in Dubai

In the last step, the investor will apply DHA license online by creating user id on DHA portal. The details about the license consultant and medical professionals will be supplied. The authority (DHA) will issue the license for starting a clinic after verifying the documents. This is the last stage for approval; after which the investor will be able to open clinic at his or her desire location.

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Construction license in Dubai

Construction license in Dubai

Construction license in Dubai will allow you to provide construction services; that is to the field of commercial, industrial and institutional area. If you get a construction license in Dubai; then you will be able to provide one stop solutions to all kinds of project; that is ranging from small office repair to a complete project & build new building. Most of the construction license in Dubai claim to provide high quality of services to their client; that is in quick and cost-efficient manner with highest quality construction work.

Range of Construction license in Dubai

The range of Construction license in Dubai is very much diversified; you will be involve in a large number of projects for several industries such as automobile industries; also food processing facilities, chemical plants, residential buildings, warehouses & logistics industry; also infrastructures, retail industry, Oil & Gas, pharmacy storages, aviation projects; Water and marine as well as power generation industry.

Scope of Construction license in Dubai

Construction license in Dubai allow to serves its clients to build their facility. Clients select a design build arrangement when they want to work with one contract entity; instead of several contractors and consultants through one point of contact. Client look for complete scope which covers the complete civil, mechanical, electrical, as well as architectural; also structural steel, instrumentation, plumbing; and drainage as well as external works including receiving of approval from authorities to complete the project.

Type of a Construction license in Dubai

There so many type of a construction license in Dubai; each one has different requirements as well as difference regulation.

Building Contracting license in Dubai

  • Activity Code : 452001
  • Activity Group : Contracting and building works
  • License Type : Commercial

Activity Description: A company having Building Contracting license in Dubai; are allow to involve in constructions of all kinds and for different uses; mainly residential, farms, industrial, commercial, schools, hospitals, airports, public and agricultural buildings, also building adjusting, general maintenance, interior decoration, landscaping as well as electrical fittings and sanitary plumbing, the number of floors to be constructed shall be set by Dubai Municipality.
DM requirement for Building Contracting license in Dubai

Activity code Activity educational qualification Years of Experience
452001 Building Contracting UL Bachelor of Civil Engineering 10 years
G+12 license Dubai 7 years
G+4 license Dubai Bachelor of Civil Engineering or Architecture 5 years
G+1 license Dubai Bachelor of Civil Engineering/Architecture or Civil Technician Diploma 3-year and 5-year Bachelor’s Diploma 

Wrecking & Demolition license in Dubai

  • Activity Code : 451001
  • Activity Group : Contracting and building works
  • License Type : Commercial

Activity Description: Includes firms allow to engage in the tearing-down of buildings and other structures on the verge of collapse or for replacement using different techniques, such as cranes for high rise buildings, excavators and manual for medium buildings as well as building implosion using explosives.
DM requirement for Wrecking & Demolition license in Dubai

451001 Wrecking & Demolition Works UL Bachelor of Civil Engineering 10 years
G+12 license Dubai 7 years
G+4 license Dubai Bachelor of Civil Engineering or Architecture 5 years
G+1 license Dubai Bachelor of Civil Engineering/Architecture or Civil Technician Diploma 3-year and 5-year Bachelor’s Diploma

Steel Constructions Contracting license in Dubai

  • Activity Code : 452008
  • Activity Group : Contracting and building works
  • License Type : Commercial

Activity Description: Steel Constructions Contracting license in Dubai specialized in executing all operations related to steel constructions, as well as installing prefabricated steel structures on site, such as factories, warehouses, hangars, sheds, bridges structures and tunnels, also the execution of all civil works for such installations, mainly foundation piling, floor paving, lay connections. Firms engaged in manufacturing such structures are classified under class 2811, the number of floors involved shall be set by Dubai Municipality
DM requirement for Steel Constructions Contracting license in Dubai

452008 Steel Constructions Contracting UL Bachelor of Civil Engineering 10 years
G+12 license Dubai 7 years
G+4 license Dubai 5 years
G+1 license Dubai Bachelor of Civil Engineering or Architecture 3 years

Building maintenance license in Dubai

  • Activity Code : 454007
  • Activity Group : Building maintenance, surveillance and cleaning services
  • License Type : Commercial

Activity Description: Building maintenance license in Dubai allow for maintenance of buildings only; excluding any equipment or extensions available inside, such operations include restoration and reparations of roofs, columns, walls, floors and others.
DM requirement for Building maintenance license in Dubai

454007 Building Maintenance Bachelor of Civil Engineering or Architecture 2-year and 5-year Bachelor’s Diploma

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Cleaning Company License Dubai

Cleaning Company License Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates is a probable market for all Activities of Cleaning Business. As we know that over 70% of the population in Dubai is a group of expat who are actually busy with their day to day schedule.

Dubai has issue a high number of cleaning company license Dubai in previous years. The capacity of that specific business is increase by 30% to 40% annually; that reflects the achievement of the Cleaning services license Dubai; and show the high quality market demand for such activity.

A Cleaning services license Dubai is really a low cost license; which is quite easy to initiate your setup, although starting a cleaning company in Dubai is truly a competitive market. So there are a number of step needs to be follow for getting a cleaning company license Dubai. You also need to plan ahead your marketing strategies.

Select a field for starting a cleaning company in Dubai

There are three most important sectors for starting a cleaning company in Dubai; everyone takes a particular group of skills to ensure your company flourishes in this region.

Industrial cleaning company license Dubai 

This specific sector is really focuses mostly on big office blocks; you will require a big team connect with staff to wash every floor; as well as you can put yourself in the administration team; so that to handle your operation form back end for your cleaning company license Dubai.

Residential cleaning company license Dubai 

This sector of cleaning entails cleaning property of household e.g. houses, such work is usually made once the property holder reaches their job. It can be accomplished with a small team consist of cleaners that you can increase regularly; as your cleaning company license Dubai begins getting contract.

Commercial cleaning company license Dubai 

this particular area of cleaning require a skilled cleaning service which knows how to deal with particular places; it could be a bit hard to get contracts at first; but if you find out a position on the market it is in fact potentially the lucrative company

The Cleaning services license Dubai has a broad variety of Sub Business Activities; which can be add to your Business License. Following are some of the Cleaning Business Activities.

Streets cleaning services license Dubai

  • Activity Code : 900002
  • Activity Group : Sewage and cleaning services
  • License Type : Professional
  • Activity Description: Streets cleaning services license Dubai will allow you to provide general cleaning services; that is for all streets, footpath and markets by manual or mechanical means.
Terms and Conditions Requested By
This business license is subject to DM rules and regulation; DM holds a right to regulate it. Dubai Municipality (Waste Management)

Sea & Shore cleaning services license Dubai

  • Activity Code : 900005
  • Activity Group : Sewage and cleaning services
  • License Type : Professional
  • Activity Description: Sea & Shore cleaning services license Dubai will allow you the collection and disposing; of or treating of marine wastes and pollutants which pollute beaches, sea natural, artificial lakes and marine lives.
Terms and Conditions Requested By
This business license is subject to DM rules and regulation; DM holds a right to regulate it. Dubai Municipality (Department of Environment)

Building Cleaning Services license Dubai

  • Activity Code : 749301
  • Activity Group : Cleaning services
  • License Type : Professional
  • Activity Description: Building Cleaning Services license Dubai will allow interior; exterior as well as outer areas cleaning to residential buildings and governmental and professional premises. It excludes providing domestic workers who perform as cooks, gardeners, house keepers, laundress, caring for children as well as elderly; it also excludes providing these workers to conduct cleaning residential buildings on temporary basis.

Advertising Signboards Cleaning Services license Dubai

  • Activity Code : 749307
  • Activity Group : Cleaning services
  • License Type : Professional
  • Activity Description: Includes cleaning signboards fixed on streets and roads.

Runways & Roads Cleaning Services license Dubai

  • Activity Code : 749309
  • Activity Group : Cleaning services
  • License Type : Professional
  • Activity Description: Includes the manual and mechanical cleaning of runways and roads.

Yacht Cleaning Services license Dubai

  • Activity Code : 749308
  • Activity Group : Cleaning services
  • License Type : Professional
  • Activity Description: Includes yacht interior and exterior cleaning; involving buffing and polishing, metal restoration and polishing; teak brightening and oiling, plastic enclosure cleaning and polishing, interior cleaning, leather and vinyl treatment.

Car cleaning license Dubai

  • Activity Code : 502007
  • Activity Group : Motor vehicle repairing
  • License Type : Professional
  • Activity Description: Car cleaning license Dubai allow you to engaged in car washing and cleaning services; through immovable auto or manual washing stations

Terms and Conditions for Car cleaning license Dubai

  • The commercial name mentioned in the Car cleaning license Dubai; shall be similar to the trade name.
  • The consumer shall obtain an invoice for the purchased goods.
  • No procedure, amendment or alteration of license data shall be made before the department approval.
  • Car cleaning license Dubai is not allow to place sales, discounts or special offers without permission.
  • Car cleaning license Dubai staff shall wear a uniform carrying the name of facility.
  • The Department’s approval shall be obtain before the change of license location and relocation.
  • The protection of environment and public cleanliness laws and regulations shall be respected.
  • No spare parts, accessories or vehicle lubricants shall be sold; under Car cleaning license Dubai unless to get the relevant license.
  • No activity shall be practiced after 12 am unless the relevant permit is obtained.
  • Before providing any service, its price shall be made known to the consumers.
  • An official approval shall be obtained from the owner of parks, housing, commercial complexes, and public areas before actually practicing the activity in such locations.

Keep up to date your Car cleaning license Dubai

Although the industry of Car cleaning license Dubai is not boost like the other businesses; but it still requires regular update with the latest regulation of government as well as environment; technological advancement as well as customer preferences. Calendar of Google provides free and an easy way; to stay your bookings organized and also permits you to extend the calendar to partners. Having a large network of complementary services will keep you in the sphere of most recent developments. Regular training sessions as well as attending of trade organizations, will keep your business operation in smooth way.

Market Investigation for starting a cleaning company in Dubai 

If you have plan for starting a cleaning company in Dubai; then you should take away some researcher to the market to ensure your service is within demand. It is important for you to understand the local demographic as well as your potential market place; it will help you to plan something that is really suitable for your target audience.

Have established systems for starting a cleaning company in Dubai

Make sure that your business has well positioned running systems which are reliable and efficient. A well placed system encourages your business to run in the absence of owners or managers as well as aligns all workers towards the common goal. So for starting a cleaning company in Dubai you must have a proper system. A consistent system gives you a chance to perceive hurdles quickly and invite for a fast removal of the problem.

Have good communication skills for starting a cleaning company in Dubai

For starting a cleaning company in Dubai it is very important for your manager; that is to communicate well with different consumers in different languages. UAE is a multicultural melting point with many languages as well as cultures. It will be great if your manager know at least two or three of the main languages; which are use around the UAE. Having excellent communication skills is not only important for clients, it is also important for communicating with suppliers and partners.

Establish standard of staff training for Cleaning Services license Dubai

In sequence to have an attractive cleaning company license in Dubai; it is vital to set up a professional standing among the customers in the market. In order to get such a good name you should provide a standard training; that is for your workers which focus on brilliance. All employees must be able to carry out a variety of cleaning activities at the same speed with the same quality. Holding such course of training also give you the capability of how long different activities of cleaning takes; what are the hurdles as well as extra monetizing points.

Buying Equipment for Cleaning company license Dubai

The most important areas of your Cleaning company license Dubai is your cleaning equipment. A number of items could be expensive with respect to the area or sector you make a decision to work within. Domestic cleaners more often than not get access to household items; so they require not spending a great deal on materials; on the other hand, commercial cleaning could be expensive. Should you need the strong industrial vacuum it might initially price money; but it is critical to your company.

Create a good Marketing Strategy for starting a cleaning company in Dubai

Make an effort to produce a plan of concrete advertising; work on key objectives as well as goals. Use the real marketing blend as well as critical indicators of performance; which will help you in assessing your own strategy of marketing.

Connect to Household Portals for Cleaning Services license Dubai

Finally it is important to approach and use all possible resources. Dubai holds a large range of quoting sites and different portals where you can adjust your business. It helps your company to extend to customers at a larger base, uphold your services and provide great business instructions.

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Holding Company in Dubai

Holding Company in Dubai

Majority of business owners now a day would like to confirm that they are searching for the top opportunities; which they can discover to launch their business. During last few years, Dubai has been changing its workings from oil based economy to economy based on service; and as a result you will find a lot of new setup; coming up at this point to UAE in a hurry. Establishing a holding company in Dubai is useful; but the country has its own law about holding company in Dubai; so you need to know that how you can initiate a holding company Dubai; that is without any inconvenience and any legal problems in Dubai.

The Holding Company Dubai as a term use for any company or firm which owns the stock of other companies. A very simple purpose of a holding company Dubai is to own the shares of other companies.

A holding company Dubai itself neither provides services nor manufactures any product; nor it involve in any trading. This rule is not only applying to Dubai Holding Company but to any this type of a company in the world.

The leading function of a Dubai holding company is that it decrease the risk of owners; and at meanwhile allows ownership as well as control of numerous companies.

The Concept of Shareholding Company in Dubai

If someone is new to Dubai business market; then it is essential that you know about the concept of Shareholding Company in Dubai.  The concept is a very clear requirement under the Commercial Companies rules and regulation of the UAE; also recognize as the Companies Law where each company is a shareholding company; in which UAE national have 51% of capital share; whereas foreign party are only allow to 49% ownership in companies in the UAE. If you are not happy with the share distribution concept in Dubai; then you can prefer your business in one of the Dubai Free Zone. Free zones permit 100% ownership to the expat and 100% tax free profit.

General functions of Dubai Holding Company

The director as well as manager of a holding company in Dubai; is held responsible for making as well as directing the Holding Company subsidiaries policies. He or she can delegate his job to other person or can perform directly.

Dubai holding company controls the operation of subsidiaries through below mention functions:

  • It sets complete as well as risk-based restrictions where possible experience to sure risks; as those related with foreign currency, industries, market and countries is concern. In relation to it, the holding company certifies credit spotlights over clearly limits detailed.
  • It gives approval to all relevant policies as well as strategies of the business; which include proposals of investment, agreements or contracts and even the hiring of staff.
  • It positions one of its boards of director of each contributory. For clearness here, the assign director is frequently the same person task by the holding company; with the overall management of its group of subsidiaries at the rank of a CEO.

Financial function of holding company in Dubai

  • A holding company in Dubai should not drop into problems e.g. taking expenses on commitments or incurring not covered sufficiently by income and dividends
  • The manager as well as directors of Dubai holding company should ensure that such troubles will not take place.
  • The Board of Holding Company in Dubai will approve the budget of the company; before the starting of a new fiscal year. The approval should be made on the base of cash flow expectations.
  • Each subsidiary is will have policy of dividend that guarantees rational returns. The directors as well as manager of the holding company Dubai must insure that this is achieve on time.
  • Additional, they should make sure that returns as well as risks of Dubai holding company; are balance through a standard scheme of financial planning.
  • Taking the numerous entity concepts into account; we will come to know that the holding company Dubai is a store of wealth.
  • The composition goes in such way that the owner of the small business can form a holding company.
  • As the word so suggests, the arm which are using for operating is the individual; in that operations of business take place and where risks also take place.
  • Quite a lot of companies might operate under a single holding company Dubai. Nevertheless, it must be sure that the companies operating along with their particular activities are kept apart from each other.
  • The achievement of a holding company in Dubai is always guarantying; granting that the entity is pre arrange perfectly.
  • Two reasons might be cited in this regard: First that maximized wealth inside the company. Second one is the resources are minimize with the company assuming each and every risk.

Selecting the Right Location for a holding company in Dubai

It is also vital for a company to find the right site in Dubai; which allows the firm to catch the right customers as well as consumers quickly to enhance the sales of business. There for research is important to make sure that you purchase the right place; or rent it according to your business plans.

Formal Requirements for formation of holding company in UAE

There are no official requirements for formation of holding company in UAE; but it is a wise thing to write an agreements; that is to protect your business when you face legal problems. The written agreements are like a contract between the stakeholders. The main purpose of this is to protect your interest.

Minimum Investment for Dubai holding company

If you are keen to form a share holding company in Dubai; you have to ensure that you have the capital or resources that meet their minimum needs. You will require at least AED 10 million (US$ 2.7 million) to setup a public shareholding company in Dubai. On the other hand, if you are looking for a private shareholding company; then you need Dhm 2 million (US$ 0.5 million); as well as free zone companies it’s starts from USD 14,000; but it also varies on the free zone as well as activity you choose.

formation of holding company in UAE

The process of formation of holding company in UAE is the same as the setup of all other type of company. Someone can register the below mention business forms as a Dubai holding company:

  • The joint stock companies;
  • The limited liability companies
  • The free zone companies.

Varies on the employed structure, the holding company should nominate at least one director or a board of directors. In case of share stock company setup as a holding company; the minimum requirement of share capital is 10 million.

Foreign investors can as well register partnerships as holding companies in Dubai. In line to register the company, one should sketch up the MOA; and file them collectively copies after their credentials documents with the DED of Dubai. Note that a UAE legal representative is requires in order to register the holding company in UAE.

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House Maid Visa in Dubai

House Maid Visa in Dubai

Adding a fresh member to your family is not a straight forward task. It needs a lot of safety check as well as other official procedure; so that the families stay secure and does not get trap in finding the ground rules for the processing of maid visa in Dubai. As for as shams consultant maid visa services is concern; we assist the clients with proper preparations for typing as well as management of documents; for example applications and agreement needs for the achievement and smooth implementation of the complete process. Medical check-up, bank account, emirates ID as well as stamping of residence visa; is all that we offer to the families so that to process maid visa in Dubai.

This is not where we hold back our support. We extend our support to the clients with gathering documents and meeting the official procedure; along with the submission to the Department of Immigration for the process of nanny visa in Dubai.

The choice of getting maid visa in Dubai; or nanny visa in Dubai is open to those families which are living in Dubai. But note that unmarried people are not allows to sponsor a maid in Dubai. Dubai follows certain norms for sponsorship of a house maid in Dubai; while this may vary little different from one emirate to the other in the UAE. You can consult the immigration department of UAE for the latest process of maid visa in in UAE.

Needs of house maid visa in Dubai

When sponsoring a permanent maid in Dubai; you will also have to be ready to bear the ticket price to their home country once in two years or annually; also you will provide accommodation for maid. For the person who is going to sponsor a house maid visa in Dubai; he or she must hold a valid Residency Visa in UAE. Also you need to have at least two BHK apartments to apply for servant visa in UAE. Most of the maids are from India, Sri Lanka and Philippines. They are generally live in Dubai. Majority of the family housing has quarters of servants.

you can also obtain a maid without having her. Such a maids are living in Dubai on a husbands visa. These maids perform part-time duty, as well as do not live-in. They are paid hourly basis and are not often live in servant quarter.

House maid visa in Dubai

Arranging for a sponsorship of housemaid visa in Dubai is a two step process. First of all an entry permit / employment visa will be mandatory for the maid to go into Dubai. Then you are requiring putting an application for a residence visa of the maid. The DNRD will issue a residence visa, labor card and labor agreement for the maid.

A maid’s visa can be acquire by Head of the Family (normally the sponsor – male), drawing a lowest amount of salary of Dh.6000 per month or Dh.5000 plus accommodation. Maids are only being sponsored from India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Ethiopia, Bangladesh and Indonesia.

Steps for applying for a house maid visa in Dubai

  • You have to apply for residence visa like employment permit to enter the country
  • At the second stage you have to appear for medical check and Health Care after bringing in the maid
  • Residence Stamp will be required at third stage on Maid’s Passport
  • At last stage you will apply for Labor Card

Documents requires for servant visa in Dubai

The Salary certificate of sponsor is require for maid residence; but it must be in Arabic (in case of government employee); labor agreement of sponsor is requires for private employees and contract of accommodation.

  • Application form is requiring duly fill from an authorize typing office.
  • The passport copy of sponsor is requiring for servant visa in Dubai.
  • The passport Copy of maid is requiring for servant visa in Dubai.
  • The affidavit from consulate is also requiring to certify no relationship; that is if maid is from the same country.

Procedure for obtaining a Labor card for nanny visa in Dubai

You have to put an application for a residence permit and medical health report; that is in 30 days of your maid arrival into Dubai. Take a visit to counter of DNRD and pay to the official typist seeking; an urgent visa form and an urgent visa form may require a refundable deposit or non-urgent form.

After taking stamp on the entry permit; your maid will have to pass a medical test (see process below). The average taking time for it could vary from 24 hours to 36 hours in majority of government hospitals. The medical test results can be collect from the typist; with the mandatory fee to apply for nanny visa in Dubai.

Now this is the time to submit the stamp employment permit, maid’s original passports; medical report, copy of sponsor passport and salary certificate to the section of residency. You will have to fix the salary that you are going to pay to the maid. It is very good to take your maid with you that will save your time. You will provide four printouts of the agreement; which a sponsor as well as your maid will sign. The photocopies can be re-submitted to the officer for counter-sign and he or she will return two copies back to you. Among the two copies provided to you by the officer meant one is of sponsor and the other one is of maid. A stamp of residency with one year validity.

You can take the labor card in 24 hours; if you had opted for an urgent visa, you can collect your refundable deposit as well at the counter.

Procedure for undergoing the medical tests for maid visa in Dubai

In this very stage take your maid for a medical fitness test; there are 14 centers of medical fitness tests in Dubai. The Medical Fitness Centre at Sonapur is 24 hours available for women and men. But for women new visas, the center allow from 8 am (morning) till 8 pm (Evening). Just in front of it, there is an Emirates ID center offering 24 hours service; while for women, it is open from 7 am (morning) till 9.30 pm (evening).

All fresh maids will be screened for HIV, Hepatitis B, pregnancy, TB, Syphilis & Leprosy. The vaccination of Hepatitis B which costs an extra 50 is given in 3 doses – without delay; booster after one month as well as booster after 6 months. If you keep the yellow certificate as evidence of all three doses, afterward when renewing your maid’s visa; you do not need to do it again, as these vaccination as well as certificates is valid for 10 years.

Costs of Medical Fitness for maid visa in Dubai

  • The normal fitness test costs AED 325 with AED 260 plus AED 50 for Hepatitis B vaccination and AED 20 for courier charges and it takes 5 to 7 working days to obtain the results.
  • The 48 hour service costs AED 420 and AED 370 plus AED 50 for Hepatitis B vaccination. You can get results within 2 working days.
  • The urgent service costs AED 520 and AED 470 plus AED 50 for vaccination of Hepatitis B. You can take its results after 24 hours.
  • They are also offer a 4 hour VIP service costing AED 740 and AED 690 plus AED 50, but this is only limited for Al Safa & Knowledge Village workers and dependents.

Maid visa renewal Dubai

Maid visa renewal Dubai has to be done after every year. You will have to visit an authorized typist and will pay the renewal fee of Dh.5100 and can get the renewal application form. After that you have to visit a government hospital for medical tests and pay the required fees over there. Then submit your renewal applications and report of medical fitness to any near DNRD branch.

Maid visa cancellation Dubai

If you want house maid visa cancellation Dubai, Please visit DNRD and collect a visa cancellation form. While there you will have to provide a copy of maid’s original passport; also despite of one way ticket fare for the maid to fly back to his or her home country.

Next step for maid visa cancellation Dubai is to take maid, her labor card and passport; your passport as well as maid visa cancellation Dubai form to the airport on the day of departure. Check in maid and get hold to a boarding pass.

Then visit counter of airport immigration with maid; labor card, boarding pass and passport for maid visa cancellation Dubai. The authorities will do the obligatory cancellation processes at the counter; to ensure there is no more problem with the status of visa.

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Limousine license Dubai

Limousine license Dubai

Whether it is a night to celebrate in the town, a business meeting, a romantic dinner or birthday; your very special day of wedding, Limousine license holder in Dubai can help to create memories of your lifetime. Under a Limousine license Dubai you will be in position to create any occasion into a unique one; that is providing a matchless service to the customer. During this segment we will discuss about the importance of this particular business; and that what kind of rules and regulation needs to run Limousine business in Dubai. These are only a sort of starting points that what sort of functions; which you are going to do with limousine license Dubai. We will make clear in detail whatever it requires to avail limousine license Dubai.

Not only Dubai is consider as one of the biggest economic city of UAE; but it is also home and destinations to a number of world well known tourist places; including the Burj Al Arab, the Burj e Khalifa and the Palm Islands. Use a limousine service Dubai to get, wherever you need to be. For travelers stay at Dubai on business frequently busy for time or working under pressure; it is important to be able to find around town in a way that’s comfortable and stylish as well as reliable. Limousine license Dubai will also allow you to provide world-class vehicles and staff members of elite chauffeurs; and even more. Instead of a Dubai taxi people use Limousine license Dubai not only to beat the heat; but to get wherever want to go in style.

Limousine license Dubai

Limousine license Dubai will enable you to arrange a single trips; or trips on a monthly base or hourly to any visitor or any individual. Because costumer are always looking for a quick service from their hotel to the conference room; or an on call chauffeur to wait, while your shop is located at one of Dubai’s many malls; you can handle it if you have a Limousine business in Dubai. Good thing, your services under Limousine license Dubai are not limited to Dubai; also it can be reserve for other cities across the UAE. It doesn’t stop there. Whether you have just landed or you are on your way outside of town from Dubai International Airport; Limousine business in Dubai is there to ensure your journey to Dubai to be the best as much as possible.

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branch office in Dubai

branch office in Dubai

Foreign company is allowing to open wholly own branch office in Dubai; because every investor wants to develop his or her business in every country. However, the branch office in Dubai has a limit in the activities they conduct; under (Article 314 of the Commercial Companies Law) in Dubai. A UAE local person will act as a local agent or companies 100% own by UAE nationals will be selected as native agents. Local agents (known as local sponsors) are not involves in the working side of the company; but purely assist in getting visas, labor cards immigration cards  etc; and are paid a lump sum or a percentage of the profit of business.

Open a company branch in Dubai

The company which wants to open a company branch in Dubai may freely perform the activities mention in the trade license. However, there are certain legal rules and regulations attach to open a company branch in Dubai. According to the Law, there are certain activities, which can only allow to United Arab Emirate national such as banks, finance business; commercial agencies as well as insurance. There are many other different types of license which have different process you can achieve under terms and conditions; governing the task of the Department of Economic Development; which issues from time to time certain rules and regulations and executive decrees.

If a foreign company want to Open a company  branch in Dubai; are only allow to launch advertising operations for its goods as well as services. The office may also facilitate assist contracts or agreements between the company and its native clients. Similarly, the foreign company branch in Dubai is also allow to do the same business; that is the business of the parent company.

Type of foreign company branch in Dubai

There are two main kinds of foreign company branch in Dubai; representative office in Dubai and a branch office in Dubai.

Representative office in Dubai

A representative office in Dubai is design for gathering data; as well as gets orders and tasks for their parent company main office. In representative offices in Dubai you can only hire 3 or 4 employee. A representative office serves as like a marketing center for the foreign company. A representative office in Dubai is not allow to carry out any business in Dubai. Representative office is not even allow to earn profits in the UAE. The only activity which it can perform is marketing; and promoting its foreign parent company products as well as services.

Branch office in Dubai

A branch office in Dubai is a complete business; which allows doing the same activity; that is the activity of the parent company. A branch office in Dubai can involve in commercial activity in Dubai and can earn profits.

Branch office in Dubai and representative offices in Dubai share so many similar features; as both run under the commercial registration and carry the name of the foreign company. They both will have to appoint a local services agent, who must be a UAE national. The process for establishing either a Branch office in Dubai or representative offices in Dubai; is therefore largely the same one.

How to open a branch office in Dubai

The first step to open a company, including a branch office in Dubai; is to find and appoint a local agent. The local agent will first go to the Department of Economic Development; and get the name registration and then will apply for an initial approval from the Ministry of Economy for opening a branch office in Dubai. The documents required for first approval are.

  • A license application form.
  • Proof of the reserve name for foreign company branch in Dubai
  • A passport copy of each of the director of the parent company. Also an NOC from the parent company for each of the director.
  • A passport copy of the UAE local service agent and his family book.
  • Copy of the board resolution for opening foreign company branch in Dubai
  • A power of attorney for the director,
  • MOA and Articles of Association of the parent company
  • A copy of the Certificate of Incorporation of the parent company

The Memorandum, Articles of Association and Certificate of Incorporation must translate into Arabic and English duly notarized.

Difference between branch and representative office

The Difference between branch and representative office; is that the foreign company which opens a branch in Dubai; may workout freely the activities for which it is license. Where as a representative office in Dubai may allow only for promotional activities; for the products and services of the parent company.

A representative office is not allow to conduct business operation Dubai. In order to engage a foreign branch to conduct its operation in Dubai; it need to obtain a license from the Department of Economic Development.

However, it is now a common practice for foreign service companies to open their Branch in free trade zone. Whereas foreign company want to register their presence as a Representative Office; must obtain registration with the Ministry of Economy.

Difference between branch and subsidiary in UAE

Many foreign companies wanting to have an established company in Dubai open branch offices or subsidiaries. Because UAE is a main business state in the world and most famous for different products. The main difference between branch and subsidiary in UAE is that the subsidiary is free to do any work. While the branch office is more like a parent company; the subsidiary will be able to conduct its own operations in Dubai.

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Food stuff trading license in Dubai

Food stuff trading license in Dubai

Food stuff trading license in Dubai are considered among the most vital and important license in Dubai; and create evident symbols of its progress and prosperity.

You can license your business In Dubai; in a Free Zone area or with the DED (Dubai Economic Department) directly. Both these ways have their own pros and cons. In a free trade zone you own the business completely but formation costs are more; and also your channel must be within that Free Zone area; with DED, you must involve an Emirate citizen who will hold a 51% share. But you can operate in any area of the local market without the fear of 51% local share. I know that sounds dodgy but you sign MOU so no one will be able to get screwed over. DED has an attractive setup procedure for Food trade license Dubai.

Why choose Dubai food stuff trading license

Dubai is one of the most rapid growing states in the Middle East. It attracts investor from abroad to register their base in Dubai. It is due to its system of low tax; full repatriation of earnings as well as of investment; and most importantly a well stable economy. But still some people are hesitating due to the rule of 51% share of local sponsor for Dubai food stuff trading license. Food stuff trading license in Dubai permit 49% share for foreign ownership. And in its place of local service agent a local sponsor is require to setup a food stuff trading license in Dubai.

Dubai food stuff trading license set up is including among the main services; which we offer to our customer in UAE. Food stuff trading license in Dubai requires a citizenship of UAE; and his job will be to help out in obtaining license, labor card and visa etc. There is no minimum capital obligation for a qualified company in Dubai.

DM Approval for food stuff under Food stuff trading license in Dubai

The conditions for apply to each food stuff business which imports, sells; also offers for sale or distributes without charges, correspondence, prepares, displays; manufactures, serves and processes as well as distributes food. The rules are there, as its main focus is Food stuff trading license in Dubai; at broad level which include, but are not restrict to, the following:

  • DM approval is required for restaurants, hotels and cafeterias as well as cafes;
  • Approval of DM is required for service of food operations in institutions, which include schools and hospitals;
  • Approval needs from DM for bakeries;
  • Butcheries also require DM approval;
  • Grocery store and supermarkets as well as departmental stores need approval of DM;
  • DM approval is also requires for food catering units, suppliers to cruise ships and events (desert camps) as well as canteen;
  • Factories of food and warehouses need the approval of MD too;
  • MD approval is also requiring for kiosks, temporary as well as permanent food events and mobile vending operations;
  • Food packing material manufacturers as well as suppliers require approval from MD.

Request for NOC for Food stuff trading business in Dubai

Service Name: NOC for Food stuff trading business

This service enables the client to get NOC to complete the process of Food stuff trading business setup; connect to activities of food. DM permit is consider as a main requirement after getting the trade license. It includes (not limited to) the following activities: fish shops, vegetables and fruits selling shops, coffee shops, restaurants; re-packing of dry food, mills; as well as permission for storage tanks of cleaning water etc.

Requirement for Food stuff trading business in Dubai

  • All Food stuff trading business in Dubai must have a legitimate trade license; that is from the relevant gov’t authorities before the start of business.
  • The Food stuff trading business operator must prefer the proper business activity at the time of availing the license.
  • The company activity on the trade license of Food stuff trading business in Dubai; must be link to food, and the license must state the accurate activity of the company.
  • Food stuff trading business in Dubai must not perform any extra activities; other than the activity mention in the trade license.

Food is a profitable business industry; and Middle East is the center of delicious cooking from across the world; which is why it is one of the main reasons that people travel to such places in the UAE like Dubai. So that to have a taste of world cooking and enhance their experience of travelling.

Rising numbers of investors and most of them are look at the business of restaurant in Dubai. Almost 2000 restaurants have been started in Dubai just in last one and a half year.

People are keen to try new taste, specialties of new food and tempt their taste grows. After all, one of the best parts of travelling to a foreign country; is to make a fuss of local and global food.

Rules for Food trade license in Dubai

This minimum condition will apply to food trade license in Dubai; who may request to be an approve supplier of food and cold drink in the state of Dubai. In case, you are importing food from outside of Dubai; the concern authority will must conduct an inspection in Dubai; to verify that the requisite set out in this document is suitably meet with the terms and condition. No approval will be given to food trade license Dubai; if fail to meet the rules of the Dubai.

A food trade license Dubai will provide suitable resources for carrying; holding as well as displaying. Suitable way of moving units for food such as food transport; moving vehicles, boxes, bins, trays, containers, trolleys or any food contact holders shall be suitable to the regulation of Dubai; in order to deliver the food, hygienically as well as safe and sound.

A food trade license Dubai will provide a proper food carriage units; to meet the terms and condition of hygiene requirements; so that to protect food from possible sources of pollution including dust and smokes; to protect food from damage, and to provide a proper setting.

  • It will be made from such a material which will not contaminate the food;
  • The mover will be clean and germ free
  • Proper partition of different food items is requires; that is meat, vegetables, dairy, poultry, fruit, seafood and dry food) or food items from nonfood items.
  • Provide good system for keeping the temperature, humidity, air; and other conditions necessary for effective control the growth of germs; and for effectively controlling the worsening of the food items.
  • The container must have temperature monitoring devices or allow fast and accurate temperature checking activity.

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