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Gold Trading License in Dubai

Gold Trading License in Dubai

One of the clear beneficial businesses in UAE is the trading of gold; diamonds and other goods trading (trade listed products like oil and oil products, grain, colored metals; also industrial raw materials, food products and textile raw materials etc.) But in this topic our main concern is Gold trading license in Dubai.

The trading of Gold under the Gold trading license in Dubai can be made inside the UAE; as well as outside of UAE. What is very essential; freely from the type of activity – inside or outside of the country; the tax dealing of these firms remains the same.

Mainly the appropriate kind of company for trading with diamonds; gold and other supplies (exchange listed products) in Dubai; there are mainly three areas where someone can setup a gold trading license in Dubai.

  1. The first is DMCC Free Zone area for gold trading license in Dubai.
  2. The Diamond & Gold Park is the second area for gold trading license in Dubai.
  3. Mainland of Dubai is the third option for Physical gold trading in Dubai.

The expense of such company depends on the amount of product, commodities, categories and the number of visas for company’s shareholders and workers.

Gold trading license in Dubai DMCC Free Zone

DMCC free zone serves the whole gold value chain; from explore and refinement to investing and trading. A decade or so back, Dubai was call as the City of Gold due to its significant Gold market. But from the time when DMCC has start devoting in first-class infrastructure and services, the amount of gold trade in Dubai has been rise. Now it financial records for approximately 25% of worldwide trade, most of them are located within DMCC Free Zone.

There is no other gold center in the world which offers such a balancing industry for gold and diamond. Innovations contain: the Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange (DGCX), a trade finance product, DMCC Trade flow; also Sharia-compliant hedge fund product; also a regional gold trading option as well as the Dubai Good Delivery Standard; the only international standard for 1kg gold bars of .995 purity.

Setup procedure of Gold trading license in Dubai DMCC Free Zone

As a guideline in this article we will discuss the formation of company in DMCC free zone. We will provide you a short summary of the process and rule for the setup of company; rough idea also an estimation of the total expenses; as well as the total number of time taken for the set up of a Company.

 Incorporation Process of a Gold trading business in Dubai

The setup procedure of Gold trading business in Dubai is divided into three (3) stages these are as following: The Pre-Approval Stage is first stage, secondly the Registration Stage and the Licensing Stage is last stage of the process.

The Pre-Approval Stage of Gold trading business in Dubai

In order to setup a Gold trading business in Dubai that is under DMCC; it is important to get a pre-approval by submission of a name reservation Form to DMCC. In this step the authority reserves the name of the Gold trading business in Dubai; and enables DMCC to continue due diligence of the investor of the Company. The Pre-Approval and name reservation of the company takes usually 5 to 7 working days.

Registration Stage for Gold trading license in Dubai

Once due diligence of the shareholder is done; then registration stage takes place; in which the registration of Gold trading license in Dubai is start. The important documents must be submitted to DMCC within six weeks after the receiving name reservation.

Licensing Stage of Gold trading license in Dubai

This is the last and final stage and it needs the tenancy contract to be submitted. Once this stage is complete; you will receive the “Trading License”. The Gold trading license in Dubai would permit the Company to trade; that is in all kinds of substantial gold within the DMCC Free Zone and in other countries; that is outside the UAE without any limitations.

If it is desire to trade within the UAE main land; then there are two main ways for doing so:

First to trade directly with an LLC company which has an import/export license? As part of the conditions of trade they would clear all goods through customs; or

Secondly the Company may go into an agreement with a logistics company; that would apparent the goods and bring it to the mainland.

Signing of Tenancy Contract and Office Space

Once you submit, it would take further ten (10) to twelve (12) working days to receive the Trade License and extra constitutional papers of the Company.

JLT is the place where offices for DMCC companies are available for sale as well as for rent. About 29 buildings are offering to have room for commercial customers. Spaces for offices may be built-in with flooring / ceiling (and possibly partitions) or can be in a “shell and core“ condition.

Physical gold trading in Dubai Gold & Diamond Park

The Gold and Diamond Park came into existence in 2011. It is the target of all jewelers and of those whom desire is to trade in gold; but also for experience businessmen looking for extra facilities to have an office and physical presence in Gold and Diamond Park. It is situated on Sheikh Zayed Road, Gold & Diamond Park is a must see place to every customer; and it is always includes in each and every tourist visit list.

Gold & Diamond Park is design for Physical gold trading in Dubai; looking to full fill the particular needs of the gold; as well as Diamond industry in Dubai. This system includes workshop areas complete with the features and services particularly for the requirements of the jewelers. Additionally, Gold & Diamond Park in recent times launched leasing of office places to other professionals of business looking for more value of their investment.

For Physical gold trading in Dubai Gold and Diamond Park the licensing authority is Jebel Ali free zone.

Advantages of physical gold trading in Dubai Gold and Diamond Park

Following are the main advantages of company in Gold and Diamond Park.

  • 100% profit in shape of foreign ownership for Physical gold trading in Dubai
  • It offers 100% security of capital as well as profits
  • You will not going to pay any Corporate taxes
  • premeditated place within the heart of Dubai with easy access to all parts of areas
  • 24/7 working freedom Physical gold trading in Dubai
  • No restriction on hiring of expat employees.
  • Essential air conditioning plant connections to all units of office.
  • Central gas supply arrangement to every unit of the building.
  • 24 hours, 7 days a week security staff & video observation, fire alarms as well as fire defense systems.
  • Healthy and work loving atmosphere with appropriate ventilation systems; exhaust services as well as provision of acidic dumping and collection of waste.
  • Hallmarking will soon be facilitated by the Dubai Municipality’s regular raise up facilities for all gold man-made and sold from the Diamond & Gold Park.
  • Outstanding retail midpoint facilities and environment, helping tourists and shoppers. Shuttle transport service between the Diamond & Gold Park as well as 5-star hotels at beach to begin from end of November 2004.

Procedure for Dubai gold trading license in Gold & Diamond Park

In order to operate under Dubai gold trading license; for manufacturing or trading in gold and in Diamond; the bellow mention procedures must be followed:-

A contract agreement should be acquires from the Gold and Diamond Park; that is after the payment of The rent for the unit being leased; 15% of the annual unit rent as refundable security deposit; also 15% of the annual unit rent as supply deposit (refundable)
maintenance charges if valid.

On getting the lease agreement, the JAFZA license should be applied; at the Jebel Ali offices and authority with the documents as mention below:-

The application form, with the agreement of partnership or memo of association either applicable.

A copy of the lease agreement must be attach for Dubai gold trading license. Payment amount of 5,500.00 as license charges; the person will prepare an application or through PRO of the GDP; with an annual charge of AED 2,500.00 per year. These charges will allow the tenant to claim all services with JAFZA. On the other hand, the charges will be as per transaction to be decided mutually; by the tenant and the Management of GDP.

Once receiving the applications; the Jabel Ali Free Zone Authority will release the certificate of Dubai gold trading license; and it will also release a letter to the bank of the tenant wherever the account is to be open.

After opening the account, the concern bank will issue a letter to JAFZA; that is to confirm that the required funds have been deposit.

 While JAFZA after receiving the letter from the bank will issue the real Dubai gold trading license.

Gold trading license in Dubai Mainland

As the gold economy strengthens the whole world; we are very thankful to the industry of gold and diamond; as it plays a vital role in the growing economy of Dubai.

If you are a potential investor who has great command in the gold industry; or you are a businessman who has the desire to spread out their production of business; then it is a great opportunity for you to have a business setup in Dubai gold market. Now a day’s gold and diamond are one of the prime imports in Dubai. Gold dominated greatly in imports in non-oil group category.  Gold Imports value Dh 24.4 billion or generally 15% of total non-oil business. Who hasn’t heard about the Dubai gold souk?

It would not be wrong to say that Dubai gold souk is in the checklist of every visitor. Dubai Gold Souk has been a famous destination of the gold buyers in Dubai.  Gold Souk is a traditional gold market in the center of the commercial district in Deira. It is home of approximately 300  retailers who trade in jewelry exclusively.
It has been on the record that at any time up to 10 tons of gold is always available; that is in the Dubai gold souk! This statement clearly indicates the potential of setting up Dubai gold trading license. The demand for gold mostly generate from countries like India and Iran etc; and also visitor from all over the world gather in Dubai to buy that delightful pieces of jewelries.

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E commerce trade license Dubai

E commerce trade license Dubai

E commerce trade license Dubai is the trading business license. It is like a manual business but perform with the help of Internet. The basic root of business is buyer as well as the seller; who are sharing money as well as goods over the internet. An Online business license Dubai is the process of doing business with a proper license but over the internet. A normal business can be done manually; and will be having a physical structure. It will only cover a small market and will also give you a small profit. With the help of internet people are connecting globally. There are many people who are doing their business through Internet; that is in different parts of the world from their own desk; In Simple words we can say that the facility of telecommunication has enhanced the capacity of people towards other various fields as well.
Dubai also support online business by offering a license E commerce trade license Dubai; or it also called Online business license Dubai. In old days the formation of a company were requiring the best local market; in the initial phase they were looking to capture the local market and slowly go for the big markets. But now Internet help a lot in connecting people with each other’s; from different part of the world to do business as well as they do the payment online with the help of credit & debit card; and delivery of goods became so easy and so on.
Everything has change in a very fast way through internet as we can take the example of online business license Dubai which is focusing on online business; and it is leading your future business to success. The E commerce trade license Dubai plays a great role towards the online shopping; which is very fruitful for the people and carry a lot of benefits.

Why Online business license Dubai

Dubai has made major hard work to become s an e-commerce hub; and according to a study carried out by Dubai Media City base Madar Research Group in late 2002; was at that time on a par with top European Union states in basic online services.
Online business license Dubai become popular with the growth of social media and awareness of internet for business. People of UAE are keen to purchase through Internet.
E-commerce license in UAE is a hot selling license. According to a survey by MasterCard that 42 per cent of UAE shop keeper accessed the internet for online shopping in the year 2012 and now it is more than 55%.
And also one main reason of online business license Dubai is the interest of SMEs in this type of business; they are using the Internet which is using for marketing; interactions and sales with suppliers as well as customers.
Online business license Dubai will allow you to build up a brand online; and distribute it over Internet. This will allow you to grow customer base on the internet.

Experience of E Commerce Trade License Dubai

The trend of e-commerce is not different in Dubai. E commerce trade license Dubai is a road for e-tailing for new players. PayPal is highly leading in the GCC. In fact, the value of e-commerce related transactions, according to Arab Advisors Group in the Middle East is about $11 billion per year. We expect the online space to continue and flourish due to the growth of internet in the region and enhancements in security of transactions, logistics, payment execution and speed of technology.
For the customer, certain things remain the same regardless of whether the talk is about online or offline selling. Consumers still want to buy stylish products at great prices, they still value good service, and they continue to desire brands that understand their life interests. The Consumers are always purchasing through a series of online and offline channel; and it is greatly increasing. They share information Online, where they validate their friend’s choice, research, learn and develop a point of view regarding the products. They often look at the product, comparing it with other brands and linking it with others too.
The consumers after these experiences take a final decision of purchasing by keeping in view the future of brand, so the decision comes after a detail consideration. How to find the right strategy for the online versus so offline dynamic for future brands and e-tailors will be a key to the success.

Setting up an online business in Dubai | how to start online business in UAE

If your business is existing one or you are planning for Setting up an online business in Dubai; but you may not be having an idea that how to start online business in UAE. So we are going to give you some tips (It is a mandatory requirement for any person who is looking for Setting up an online business in Dubai).

If you want to start your e commerce business in UAE; and want to create your online store today; then there are two main scenarios. You can build an in-house solution, which will take approximately three months depending on your capabilities and it will required a cost of roughly US $6,000. If you can opt for a custom made solution from a design agency it will take around five months, which will typically cost around US $10,000.

Following are the step for Setting up an online business in Dubai.

E-commerce license in UAE

There are two main areas where you can apply for E-commerce license in UAE.

1) You will require a License from the Department of Economic Development (DED) to form an e commerce business in UAE.

2) The license you will be acquiring from the relevant free zone authority; if you are looking to establish within a free zone at UAE.

The type of license issued will depend on the nature of your e commerce business in UAE

Office space for E-commerce license in UAE

The space of office is depending upon the nature of your business.  Dubai-based company legally bound that they must have physical office space.

Register a domain name for E-commerce license in UAE

There are two choices for domain name registration; either you want a hosted solution or a self-hosted solution about the cost on the software. The differences in between the two are as following:

  • Hosted: they are normally offering the website hosted for a monthly payment. It depends on your paid plan it would include features too. It will be more expensive as due to more features. But as far as servers, maintenance, backups etc is concern so you shouldn’t be worried about it.
  • Self-Hosted:For self-hosted solution you must have a hosting provider, and you must keep it simplified. Where it means that you would require little code knowledge. But you won’t pay extra fee for it as the software could be free.

We can take an example of a great hosted solution is WordPress; You can start for Free and once you get start your company you can upgrade it to a paid plan. This will give you enough time to get ready before you pay.

Start designing your store for e commerce business in UAE

If you are going with In-house solutions; then you will require hiring a designer. Who will typically charge you about US $1,500 over a period of one month?  On the other hand, an agency may charge slightly more- US $3000 to $4000 over period of one month.

Set up a payment gateway for e commerce business in UAE

To provide a good method for the customers to pay you online; all you require to do is to sign up for a merchant account; that is with a one of the payment processors available for e commerce business in UAE. If you are aiming to take in the Middle East and North Africa are credit cards; Skirl, PayPal and Gate2Play offer credit card integration.
Your developers will need to install the API within three weeks; that is after signing up for a merchant account and receiving an API. Whether done in-house or using an agency, it will normally cost you $1000.

Integrate your E commerce trade license Dubai with a logistics solution

Sign up for a merchant account with a logistics company like UPS; Aramex, FedEx or DHL to start shipping to your customers. Install it on your platform, once you receive the API. This is an essential foot step even at the time of selling to a local market. This will take your E commerce trade license Dubai to the next level. Choosing a well-known shipping courier also increases your credibility and willingness of customer to buy.
A merchant account approval shouldn’t take more than 48 hours. Your internal team or agency could take round about a week to connect it to your store.

Add products to the store of online business license Dubai

Once the structure is set up of your online business license Dubai; you need to work on some of the most difficult aspects of the site. That is uploading products, shaping and categorizing them how to create recommendations. Receiving this set up can take about 20-40 days.

Import and export requirements for e commerce business in UAE

The business must be register with one of the ports and customs authority; so that to receive an importer’s code. if you are importing products from abroad; and selling them using online business license Dubai to the market of UAE. A customs duty is applicable (often 5%) on goods being import to UAE. If they are selling their products or services within the free zone or outside the country; then a free zone business is not liable for customs duties. However, the customs duty has to be paid and a local commercial agent has to be arrange; if they are selling to the UAE market (outside the free zone).

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Trade License Renewal Dubai

Trade License Renewal Dubai

It is compulsory for every investor in Dubai to renew their Trade License on annual basis. According to the UAE rules the license is a legal certificate that allows an investor to engage in the events list within the license. But here is a question that how to do a trade license renew in Dubai; you should not be worry as Shams Consultant is there to help you; that is in all legal matter; so that you can concentrate on your core business.

If you are doing business in Dubai with a valid trade license then trade license renewal in Dubai is one of the most important tasks. Getting a business license renewal could be a long process in Dubai; if you are not use too with the method of renewal; then it will be a difficult task. Delay in applying for the Dubai trade license renewal has some serious impacts; including freezing all of your business activities, may ban your business license as well as levies penalty.

Without renewing the Trade License no one can carry out any business in Dubai. It also offers that you can change your sponsor as well as business address; if it need during the renewal of Dubai trade license. Shams Consultant is there to assist you in the process of your trade license renewal in Dubai. We will also send you timely reminders when the renewal of your license is due.

Shams Consultant can help you in Dubai for all your legal matters; as we have extensive experience and deep knowledge of local business; which enable us to understand the uniqueness and important needs of your business. There for we are in position to recommend the best possible options that how to ensure the smooth running of your business with minimum hassles and risks.

Shams Consultant is provide services for Dubai trade license renewal; that is from start till the end. In fact it is one of our core services provide your trade license renewal in Dubai timely and efficiently.

Documents for a normal Trade License Renewal in Dubai: 

  • The Tenancy Contract & Ejari is requiring for normal trade license renewal in Dubai.
  • A form must be type for Renewal of normal Dubai trade license.
  • Passport copy of all the Business Partners are requiring for normal trade license renewal in Dubai.

Dubai Trade License Renewal for Branch of a Foreign Company

  • To renew the license for a branch of a foreign company Original Certificate of Good Standing is required to be provide (issued by the Registrar of Companies in which jurisdiction the parent company is incorporated to ensure existence and continuity of the parent company) [copy will be accepted if notarized].
  • The Copy of the valid Lease Agreement is required under the Branch Company name.
  • Copy of the Fee Receipt is also required for the renewal of foreign company branch at Dubai.

Dubai Trade License Renewal for Branch of a UAE Company

  • A copy of valid Trade License of the parent company; is requires for renewal of trade license in Dubai.
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) is requiring from the concern Authority; (if applicable) for the renewal of a UAE company branch.
  • The Copy of the valid Lease Agreement under the Branch Company name should be provide.
  • For the renewal of branch of UAE company a Copy of Fee Receipt shall be provide.

How to renew trade license in Dubai

A company can renewed their license in three simple steps by choosing the several online and offline portals of the DED, these steps are as following.

Tenancy contract for Dubai trade license renewal

It is important to know that your tenancy contract is valid from the date of application till three months. Make sure you have properly checked your tenancy contract; before you can apply for the trade license renewal. If your tenancy contract is not valid it this time then no need to be worries; you can process its renewal as well, as these are very important for license renewal. But please make sure that the tenancy must be attest from the EJARI. Dubai company must go prior for the renewal process of their tenancy contract before submitting renewal application of their trade License in Dubai.

Submit application for Dubai trade license renewal

At Second stage of trade license renewal in Dubai; Shams Consultant, on behalf of your company will handles and submit application; along with all required documents. We will insure that the documents submitted are correct from all aspects; and we will also insure that it will not take your valuable time.

Payment voucher for Dubai trade license renewal

The third and final step for the renewal of trade license in Dubai is to receive voucher of payment and make the payments. Shams Consultant facilitates the process of payment on behalf of the company at the Gov’t service centers. There are two condition for receiving payment voucher; If there is separate office space; then you will be receive voucher within 3 to 4 days. If the office space is share between 2 or more companies; then it will take up to 7 days.

You will receive a renew license as soon as you make the payment; at this stage you will be able to take your license.

Renew Trade License Online

An online portal has been launch recently where companies can renew their trade licenses online. However it requires the owners of company to setup prior accounts for the renewal. The owners of the company can create online account. The portal also has the option for the owners to make online payment; but please note that the register payment account must be with the title of the owner name; in the online portal company.

The procedure mentioned above is for simple renewal; the process is different for renewing your license under a new sponsor or new tenancy in Dubai.

Note: A copy of the trade license of the parent company is require; that is for branch of UAE, GCC, Free zone and foreign companies. You will receive a payment voucher or a transaction number upon submitting the required documents; that you will use as a reference whenever you pay. ​

You will have to pay AED 200 monthly as fine after expiry date; the license must be renew before its expiry date.

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Professional License in Dubai

Professional License in Dubai

Dubai is one of the fast emerging states in the UAE. It has always attraction for foreign investor to set up their foundation in Dubai. It is because of their low tax system; investors enjoy full security and repatriation of profit as well as capital; and a stable economy. But still some of the investors are hesitating due to the rule (51% share) of local sponsor for commercial license. Dubai professional license permit 100% foreign owner ship; and also most importantly a local service agent is requires in place of local sponsor to set up a professional license in Dubai.

We provide to our client the setup of professional license Dubai; which is one of the core services in UAE. A UAE national is requiring for Professional license in Dubai; who will act as a local service agent (LSA) and he will not hold any share in the company; he has no role but he will assist company in obtaining professional license, labor card and visa etc. And more importantly for a professional company there is no minimum capital requirement in Dubai.

Professional license in Dubai

If you have more than one partner in a professional license in Dubai; then such company will be called a civil company. It can only perform professional activity and all the partners; that is who are involve in the venture must be having professional degree in their specific field. A foreign company can be consider as partner in a Professional license Dubai as long as they are tie up in the same line of activity in home country.

Note: – Any sort of trading in Professional license Dubai are not allowed and secondly you cannot purchase nor sales any goods; Third There is no room for transport, finance and banking etc. While You can enjoy to perform activities like Artisans, Businessmen Service, IT services, printing and Publishing; Event Management, Consultations, Training, Computer Graphic Design Services, security services, typing and as photocopying; web design, repairing and as furnishing; document clearing, saloon and as well  as spa.

Features of Professional License Dubai

  • Expat is allow to enjoy 100% ownership
  • National of UAE will be your local service agent.
  • No one even the local service agent LSA will not hold any share in the company
  • LSA will not have any direct association in the business of company.
  • The local service agents will be paid on yearly basis.
  • Only professional activities are allowed to be performed by the company.

Documents required for Professional License UAE

  • For obtaining professional license in Dubai there is form which you need to filled and submit.
  • To provide the Copies of Passport by the entire share holder.
  • To provide the Jinsiya copy of Local Partner
  • Sponsor has to issue No Objection certificate (NOC); if the expat is already on a employment visa and secondly if the share holder is on a visit visa then UID number is required.
  • There are some activities which require approval in advance from concerned departments (e.g. Municipality, RTA, National Media Council etc.)

What we offer for professional license UAE

There are few things which are explained about such type of license. This is the time to mention, that what we can offer you for professional license in UAE. Now for professional company formation we are able to manage the whole process. It includes consolidate business plan and strategic inputs:

  • Consult the concern departments for getting approvals as well as permissions from these   departments
  • To Prepare Partnership agreements as well as MOA
  • Identification of a trusted as well as qualified local service agent for sponsorship
  • To provide assistance in the opening of bank accounts
  • Provision of assistance to find suitable office premises and location
  • To guide how to handle other documentation and formalities

Process of professional license Dubai

Following are the procedure for getting a professional license in Dubai

Name reservation for Dubai professional license

First step in the process of obtaining a Dubai professional license is Name Reservation. It can be done from any Tasheel Centre.

Documents requires:  passport copy of any one of the partners and proposed list of names.

Getting Initial approval for professional license in Dubai

At this stage you need to take an initial approval from DED; The (BR1) form should be filling from typing center; also get signature of the partners for submission of documents.

Documents requires: Name Reservation Certificate, Passport copies of partners also BR1 Form; as well as NOC from sponsor for expat partner who already holds Employment Visa. Visit visa or Tourist Visa holder can attach his or her visa copy too.

NOTE: It is important to consult external departments for some activities; as it will require special approval from those external departments. You need to take these approval before you go for the initial approval.

For example; financial institutions as well as Banks are requiring approval from the Central Bank of the UAE. Approval is requires for manufacturing activity from the Ministry of Finance and Industry. Insurance companies as well as other such agencies need approval from Insurance Authority in UAE. You need approval for Contracting as well as Building Maintenance and some other activities from Municipality. Approval from the Ministry of Health is required for Pharmaceutical and medical products. Approval is requiring for vehicle rental activities as well as for transportation from Road and Transport Authority.

Also for activities like  Printing, publishing and advertising you requires approval from National Media Council; Also approval is requires from Dubai Maritime City for activities like Cargo Clearing, Canal dredging contracting, Cargo packaging and Fishing cages manufacturing. For Activities like Travel as well as tourism approval is requiring from and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) and Department of Tourism. Need an approval from Dubai Sports Council for Gymnasium Club activity. Approval is also requires from Environment Protection Section of Dubai Municipality for awnings and Tents and as well as for Tarpaulin manufacturing.

Create MOA for Professional license Dubai

It is very important to Prepare LLC Agreement (MOA) with the assistance of a legal translator and its attestation from Notary Public. If the agreement is in Arabic then you need a Legal translator stamp. Attestation of agreement with Local Service Agent and Partnership Agreement must be requires; that is if the firm is a Civil Company. If the firm is a sole setup with 100% expat owner ship; then in such case it is important that to attest the Local Service Agent Agreement. If the firm is a Sole Establishment with 100% UAE national ownership, than there is no need of court Agreement.

Create a Tenancy Contract for Professional license Dubai

In this step of professional license in Dubai you need to create a tenancy contract of the office or shop. Also you need to get approval for Tenancy contract from Municipality.

Documents required: (BR1) form, Name Reservation Certificate, Initial Approval, Tenancy Contract and EJARI Registration. Planning Section of the department will put a seal of approval on back side of the BR1 form.

Submit for final Approval

At this stage you have to Submit the attested LLC Agreement (one original copy); also BR1 form, Name Reservation Certificate, Initial Approval, External approval (if any); as well as Tenancy Contract, EJARI Registration Certificate, passport copies of partners; and also NOC for partners (if any), at any branch of DED. The voucher of Payment will be issue at the same time or you can take print from website. You have to pay the payment at the counter and get the license. You can also pay by using the Credit Card or Direct Debit through DED website after issue the payment voucher.

Professional License cost in Dubai

Professional License Fees AED 600
Service Agent Fees AED 700
Market Fees (5% of your shop/office rent) amount varies depends on tenancy amount AED 2000
Service Improvement Fees (Professional) AED 150
Administrative Service Fees AED 350
Government Cultural Fees AED 10
Trade Name Advertisement Fees AED 350
Trade Name Fees (Non Arabic). No need to pay this amount If the name is full Arabic. Dh2000 extra fees for words like Emirates, Gulf, International, Abbreviation. Maximum Trade Name Fees: Dh3000 AED 3000
Public Waste related service fees AED 2000
Partner Accommodation Fees (Dh500 for each expatriate Partner). If any of the partner paid his accommodation fees with any other license, you can approach DED to remove his fees after get issued the Payment Voucher AED 1000
Local Fees – Professional License AED 150
Total License cost (approximately) AED10310

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babysitting license in Dubai

babysitting license in Dubai

Dubai is a city of opportunities; in which each opportunity open a gate for another one. There are a large number of expat in Dubai for either business or for job; mostly both husband and wife are working professional; and disparity looking for someone to take care of their children. Which bring their attention toward a maid or nursery; but to have your own maid is a difficult job; because you have to full fill a few requirement; and also you have to be liable for her visa residence and so on. There for most of the people prefer nursery for their children; because they not only take care of the children; but also provide nursery education. So babysitting license in Dubai is also one of the high demand licenses.

There are two areas for setting up a nursery in Dubai; one is Dubai main land and other is Dubai free zones. So for both of these nursery license in Dubai; there are two different authorities to issue a nursery license in Dubai. Ministry of social affairs is handling babysitting license in Dubai main land; and KHDA is responsible for babysitting license in Dubai Free zones. To register nursery license in Dubai; you should be ready to bring about all health, safety, quality and educational requirements.

How to start a daycare business in Dubai | Procedure to start a daycare

There are a number of steps in Ministry of social affairs for setting up a nursery in Dubai. These steps will take some time to complete; especially when it reached to the point where you will take approval for your location. A municipality as well as a Civil Defense will be involved; and it will take fairly lengthy time to get your location approval. And same time you have to be ready to present detailed educational, operational and financial plan for the venture. Only then ministry of social affairs will grant you approval; and will forward you to Department of Economic Development of Dubai to start official registration there.

Our suggestion is to be prepare for a lengthy process and before starting of setting up a nursery in Dubai. Please look around for a suitable location; do not forget to prepare a traditional budgeting. Of course you will make good money; when your babysitting license in Dubai start running in full capacity; but you have to be ready to spend a reasonable amount to get there.

Babysitting license in Dubai

  • Activity Code : 801001
  • Activity Group : Nursery
  • License Type : Professional
  • Activity Description: Nursery license in Dubai is allowed to take care of the children while their parents are absent.
Terms and Conditions Requested By
Nursery license in Dubai is subject to Dubai Municipality rules and regulation; DM holds a right to regulate it. Dubai Municipality (Department of Health and Public Safety)

Requirement of nursery license in Dubai

  • The location of nursery license in Dubai must be in a silent place; that is away from noise and pollutions.
  • The wall of the building should be built with concrete; and also the use of port cabins or wooden cabins are not allow for nursery.
  • The use of asbestos are not allowed for nursery license in Dubai.
  • Any maintenance work for a nursery licence in Dubai must be performed after the official working hours.
  • Proper maintenance for the nursery, the tools and toys should be maintained.
  • Make sure that all electric powers are safe and properly close.
  • Broken electrical wires must be changed.
  • Do not over load the electrical power sockets.
  • Protect wires and electrical links to avoid damage, chances of accidents and to avoid falls.

Rooms and Classrooms for nursery licence in Dubai

  • Ventilation and light should be enough. Also floors, walls and ceilings should be free from defects. Also floors must be either ceramic or marble.
  • For nursery licence in Dubai each window should have fine wire mesh to prevent bugs.
  • There must be 1sq.meter of space for each child.
  • Furniture must be in a good form; as well as suitable to the age of the child.
  • The use of the chalks is not allows in nursery licence in Dubai
  • Children should be separated based on their age as the following:
    1. 45 days – 6 months.
    2. 6 months – 1 year.
    3. 1 year – 2 years.
    4. 2 years – 3 years.
    5. 3 years – 4 years.
  • Nurseries should be providing with proper cots / beds for children.

The activity hall for babysitting license in Dubai

  • A proper hall with suitable toys must be providing for children activities.
  • Toys must be large and hard to swallow.
  • Toys must be consistent with high standards and are well suited with the requirements of DM.
  • It is not allow using toys that contain magnets or high levels of electromagnetic energy (EMF).
  • The toys must not create any risk to the babies (such as sharp parts, risky bends or high temperature, etc.).
  • For babysitting license in Dubai the toys must be clean, sterilize and store properly.
  • Toys should be check from time to time to insure its safety.

Play grounds for nursery license in Dubai

  • Suitable, safe as well as in the shade outside playing areas must be provided.
  • Shrill portions and edges must be enclose.
  • All toys must be free from any defects.
  • Also the toys must suit the age group of children in the nursery license in Dubai.
  • Playground must be clean as well as sterilize regularly.
  • If ball house is available; both the house as well as balls must be clean and purified on a regular basis. And also a cleaning record must be maintain.

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Public Joint Stock Company UAE

Public Joint Stock Company UAE

Public joint stock company meaning

A Public Joint Stock Company UAE can be defining as. A company whose capital share is split into negotiable shares of the same value; also the partners in the company are liable only to the degree of his or her share; in the share capital of the company. Public Joint Stock Company UAE can also be defining as: any organization in which a UAE public body holds any share in the capital. According to the Commercial Companies Law a minimum of AED 10 million (10,000,000); share capital is requires for a Public Joint Stock Company UAE.

The twenty five per cent (25%) of share capital of PJSC Dubai must be establish on subscription. In addition, fifty one per cent (51%) of shares of PJSC Dubai must be hold by the UAE national; and a minimum of fifty five per cent (55%) of shares of Public Joint Stock Company UAE must be open to the general public.

This type of a company needs a minimum of 10 founding members; with the exception of in cases where the government entity is involved. It is essential for a foreign company to know that anyone who signs the initial MOA will be considered as a founding member and hence will be liable for the share of the company. The Board of Directors of Public Joint Stock Company UAE must have a minimum of three; and no more than twelve board members. The board chairman, as well as a majority of the board member must be UAE nationals. UAE businesses involving banking, insurance or investment of funds on behalf of third parties must take the form of a public joint stock company.

Documents requires for Public joint stock company UAE

  • An application form type for the license.
  • Initial Approval certificate (Original).
  • A reservation of trade name (Original).
  • Copies of valid UAE ID Cards of every Partner.
  • A valid passport copy of each of the partner.
  • Copy of the family book (Jinsiya) of every UAE citizens.
  • Also a valid lease contract copy is requires for PJSC Dubai.
  • A copy of the trade license or commercial register; if the shareholder is legal entity that is if it is a company.
  • A copy of the signatures duly certified by the Notary Public.
  • The approval from the Minister of Economy, to form this company.
  • Also a copy of the MOA suitably certified by the Notary Public.
  • An approved photo copy of the trade name sign board; which conveys the calligrapher signature, seal and board sizes.
  • An approval from the Executive Council to setup this company.
  • No objection letter from the capable authorities; in situation that the activity may not be operating except with an authorization from the capable authorities.
  • A certificate from one of the banks working in the country; which shows that the share capital has been deposited for PJSC Dubai.
  • A copy of the registration certificate from the Ministry of Economy.

Conditions for JPSC Dubai

  • Finding the approval of the Managerial Council, prior to the issuance of the Initial approval. And after the approval of the trade name
  • Founding member will not be less than 10 members.
  • There must be at least 3 members of the Board of Directors; and shall not go beyond 12 members for any JPSC Dubai.
  • Share capital of this type of a company shall not be less than AED 10 Million.
  • All documents shall be in Arabic. Documents in foreign languages must be translate into Arabic from a legal translator; and also it should by duly certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Embassies; for companies incorporated abroad.
  • The age of the partners must be at least 21 years for a JPSC Dubai.
  • The License Application Form shall be giving in to by the concerned partners or by a legally authorized representative.
  • All the documents must have an electronic copies. And also the verification of the originals will be requires.

Share capital of Public joint stock company Dubai

The share capital of a public joint stock company Dubai is consisting of shares of the same small value. All shares in the share capital have equal rights as well as equal obligations. The shares of a public joint stock company Dubai are freely moveable. But remember that 51% of the shares of JPSC Dubai must be hold by UAE nationals; or company only owned by UAE local person. Also, the owner must retain their share for a period of two year after listing. The JPSC Dubai may not issue bearer shares. A public joint stock company may issue public debentures. And also note that the value of the debentures must not exceed the capital. All the rights of debenture holders in respect of a single issue must be equal. Debentures may also be changeable into shares of the company.

The basic rights of any shareholder in Public joint stock company UAE

Shareholders have the following basic rights:

  • Each shareholder in a Public joint stock company uae; has the right to vote in the annual general assembly in the election of directors;
  • Shareholders have the right to transfer their shares;
  • Also shareholders have the right to share in the profits of the company.

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HR Consultancy License in Dubai

HR Consultancy License in Dubai

HR consultancy license in Dubai allows you to involve in the delivery of services; that is in the field of recruitment, improving efficiency of staffing; organizational development as well as creating of HR polices. Under HR consultancy license in Dubai you can perform task which will facilitate the organization. In the field of training to their staff; provide training to managerial staff; you can set goal for the organization. You can advise on the structure and design of the organization.

  • Selection of staffs to places management team; and also you can hire other staff for a firm.
  • Review current processes of organization for any pros and cons.
  • You can refine the HR policy of an organization; which is base on the information gathered from the firm.
  • You can also carry out the motivation program for the staff,
  • HR consultancy license in Dubai; allow conducting the programs for development and training of staff.
  • Define the overall Road Map
  • Communicate the project objectives clearly
  • Involve senior leadership since beginning
  • Staffs policies of the related rules and guidelines
  • Employee Hand book on subjects; such as working hours, holidays, leave of absence etc.
  • Also job analysis and assessment of the job
  • Assessment process focus on valuing the content of each job; and on the bases of that define the salary of each position.
  • Helps to plan future work force and demand for new workers
  • Eliminate imbalances in the organization
  • Help to put up with creative skills
  • Select, organize, and align goals and objectives for an organization; and determine the percent achieved towards an objective

HR consultancy license in Dubai

  • Activity Code : 741406
  • Activity Group : Consultancy -D- management, information and marketing
  • License Type : Professional

Activity Description: HR consultancy license in Dubai allow the firms; to prepare studies and consultancy concern with manpower planning; as well as it enable the firms to improve its performance from side to side; by studying their problems which come across with employee. These problems may be technical, psychological or interactive. The process of HR consultancy license Dubai involves studying the problem; and then search for the correct solution by means of advising, reports, consulting; as well as designing of expert and executive programs. And also to propose the suitable training to get rid of the employee problems; so that to enhance their performance.

HR consultancy license Dubai is not allowed to conduct field surveys and questionnaire; before taking approval from the capable authority. It is also not allow exercising labor hiring and employment brokerage; or doing a temporary employment, or a related field. A bachelor degree in Business Administration or Economics is needed to get this license; along with three years hands on experience.

Activity of Dubai HR consultancy license

You can perform the following main activity through Dubai HR consultancy license.

Organizational Structures activity of HR Consultancy Company

The structure of an organization explains; how activities such as task allocation, direction as well as supervision are heading for; that is on the way to get the common structural goal. Planning an organization structure brings with it serious thinking to guarantee the right step of position with policy; staying true to organization design values and handling the changing ideas of the business owner within the organization. It is essential that the organizational focus stay true to the plan and the organization design principles derive from the policy.

HR Strategy & Roadmap Activity of Dubai HR consultancy license

Dubai HR consultancy license allow you to work with the Enterprise; so that to make them Understand their tactical Goals and explain them into key HR initiatives.  You can make simpler the combination of HR solutions used by the company; and allows organization of worker centric data. Hence, the solution allows the firm to use diverse set of HR and Not HR segments while having consistent and clear data.

Employee Hand book Activity of Dubai HR consultancy license

An employee hand book is an important tool for employee as well as employer; because it defines HR Policies and Procedures. The Employee Hand book helps to inform employees about the policies, procedures, attitude and benefits of the employment. An employee hand book also forms a clearly defined working relationship; and also helps to avoid any legal action between employee and employer. The hand books are plan to deliver user-friendly, up to date and correct info about the rules and guide lines which apply to employment.

Defining Job Descriptions Activity of HR consultancy license Dubai

It is very important duty of HR consultancy license Dubai to define a job description; because every firm wants to have a written job description; which exactly reflects the employee current everyday job duty. Job analysis is the method of collecting, observing and reading data about the tasks and responsibilities. It normally includes chasing an employee duties and the length of each task; noting the employee execution of his or her job; talk to the employee, managers and others who work together with the employee; and matching the job to other jobs in the same section and job grade or job family.

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Food Truck License Dubai

Food Truck License Dubai

The concept of food truck license in Dubai was first start; when the Gov’t of Abu Dhabi issues a license for food truck business. Integrated Transport Center parking division; has given the first licenses for food trucks business outside Abu Dhabi; that is to the areas which include Saadiyat Island, Al Raha Beach, the Abu Dhabi. Dubai main road and Al Falah and Al Garm areas.

The idea of food truck business Dubai is also taken from the street food market of USA and Europe. The street food truck business in USA and European market is very popular; and it is very successful business in UAE. It is a new concept in Dubai; but food truck business Dubai appealing for investor to jump in this business; because there are so many European and American expat in UAE; which demand for such a foods in their street; on the beaches and in the park and other picnic spots. The Gov’t of Dubai believes that a food truck license Dubai will bring food availability in every remote area.

The process of food trucks is strictly organized in the UAE; with business need permits for each specific site; that is from Mawaqif for every distinct area in which they would like to drive their business. Furthermore the number of permission allowed in each site would be restricted; and reliant on the volume of the area; that is whether such an activity is required or not in the area. In other word we can say that they will check that the activity is suitable for that area or not.

Why food truck business Dubai

There is no doubt that the food truck business Dubai is making great pace; because it is a new idea to the Emirate food prospect. Now it may be a good time to make a jump into the market.  You just need to spend some time create a proper business plan; so that to start the business effectively. To setup this type of a business requires less capital; stance less risk and propose a fantastic opportunity to enter an industry; that usually come from with large obstacles to entry. Following are the main point of food license in Dubai.

  • Food truck business Dubai is a fast growing business in Dubai; that is in Dubai a number of devoted amenities have been put up to back up this kind of industry.
  • Food truck business Dubai is also creating a demand; that is for function vehicles capable of supporting cooling and heating facilities.
  • Food truck license Dubai creates fresh investment opportunity for individuals; as well as small and medium size company to invest in this business
  • Food truck license Dubai will give you the authority to operate in the remote place; such as park; beach, streets and picnic area; where you can have more consumer then normal residential place.
  • One of the reasons for you to start this Food truck license Dubai; is that people have had enough VIP, five stars and super expensive food. They want simple food which is easy accessible.

Procedure for obtaining a food truck license Dubai

Obtaining a food truck license in Dubai is a very complex procedure; because a food truck business owner must need to approve his business plan form DED.  After that he needs to take permission from Dubai Municipality to trade food item. He also needs an approval from both the RTA as the truck is license for the road; and DEWA as it will need water and electricity. A map has to be submitted which will show that the locations is approved by the Police department; and a permit is need to be issue for each of the truck; which will link the truck to a valid commercial license. The name of the business should be displayed on all of the truck operate under that business. Food truck license in Dubai can offer a non-alcoholic beverage; also snacks icy refreshments, juices and cold drink etc.

  1. First of all submit your business plan to Dubai Economic Department and Dubai Municipality. Once the plan is approved you can move to the next stage.
  2. Majority of the food truck business in Dubai need to be backed by a central kitchen or a catering license; where you can prepare some of your menu item. In this step you also need to submit a HCCAP certified kitchen layout for approval.
  3. The design and fit out of your truck is very important. In this step you will create a blueprint of your truck and will submit it for the approval.
  4. The 4th step in this kind of business is to source a right location; that is for your food truck license in Dubai.
  5. Parallel to sourcing a location you can also need to buy truck.
  6. The last step is to take a license for your food truck and start your business.

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Beauty salon license Dubai

Beauty salon license Dubai

Every men and women want to be look beautiful, attractive and different; in front of their friends and family; in event, in a marriage or in a party. And especially they want to be an attractive person to their life partner. And why not so; because a well stylish look; a nice haircut and a lovely suit are essential features of a modern person in any society. This human curiosity towards uniqueness brings a great business opportunity.

A lot of investors realize that this interest can be a basis for the profitable business; that is beauty salon license in Dubai. No wonder, this beauty salon license in Dubai will be a profit making business; because your customer will be in high number regardless of a geographic place or social status. Since this business is built on public vital requirements. So you have no worry or have no chance to go bankrupt or catch no revenue at all.

The beauty salon license in Dubai is always being one of the most demanding business in the market. To start a Dubai beauty salon license is also as much profitable as in another part of a world. Beauty salon haircut service and massage parlors are in high demand in the UAE; thus these ranges are supposed to be a money making investment. Through Dubai beauty salon license you can start up a full variety of additional services; such as make-up and training courses; which can give you extra revenue; and also expand your client base.

How to start a beauty salon in UAE – how to open a beauty salon in Dubai

To answer this question that how to open a beauty salon in Dubai; or How to start a beauty salon in UAE we need to understand the basic of this business. A beauty salon license Dubai means to confirm a stable stream of clients and dynamic growth for your business. Success of business is not only depends on the current market status; but it also depend on your skill of business management. So before asking how to open a beauty salon in Dubai; you need to have an experience of this business. Beauty salon license Dubai is closely linked with the consumer service sector; it has a certain specifics, which must be taken into consideration.

Business plan for beauty salon in Dubai

Business plan for beauty salon in Dubai is very important; because starting a beauty salon business in Dubai; you need a proper Business plan for beauty salon in Dubai; that is to get the approval from appropriate authorities. Then only you will be allow involving yourself in this tactical activity on legal lands. Business plan for beauty salon in Dubai is also vital to read the market; and also to know the finest place for your beauty salon. As like other business activity beauty salon company also need proper businesses plan. So that to focus on your target market and target customer. If you miss such important components; then you will be unaware of your competition in the market; and the result can be terrible.

Type of a License for beauty salon in Dubai

There are two main type of license for beauty salon in Dubai.

Men salon license Dubai

  • Activity Code: 930201
  • Activity Group: Gents salon
  • License Type: Professional

Activity Description: Men salon license Dubai allow to perform hair dressing; and other beauty treatment, involving, trimming as well as cutting; dyeing, waving, straightening, hair fixing; also skin hair removal, facial aesthetic, foot care, supporting hair strength; as well as cosmetic treatments, including skin cleansing; also internal doors should remain unlocked as well as bearing glass to allow revealing the interior of the rooms.

Terms and Conditions Requested By
This business license is subject to Dubai Municipality rules and regulation; DM holds a right to regulate it. Dubai Municipality (Department of Health and Public Safety)

Women beauty salon license in Dubai

  • Activity Code: 930203
  • Activity Group: Ladies salon
  • License Type: Professional

Activity Description: ladies beauty salon license Dubai allow to perform beautification and hair care; which also include hair washing, trimming, setting, coloring, waving; also straightening, hair fixing, henna services; as well as cosmetic treatments, which involve the makeup, skin cleansing. It also allow to perform skin hair removal, facial aesthetic; foot care, nail manicures as well as treatment; also, internal doors should remain unlocked as well as bearing glass to allow revealing the interior of the rooms.

Terms and Conditions. Requested By
This business license is subject to Dubai Municipality rules and regulation; DM holds a right to regulate it. Dubai Municipality (Department of Health and Public Safety)

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Rent car business setup Dubai

Rent car business setup Dubai

How to start a rent a car business in uae

Dubai is an ideal place for travel and tourism. Many tourists who visit Dubai and even some of the residents who live in Dubai and have a working visa; It find out that they use rent a car in Dubai; as it is more practical option than using a taxis or public transport. So this open an opportunity in the field of rent a car business in Dubai. Rent a car license in Dubai is one of the demanding licenses among the expat. And it is also popular because it facilitates visitor, expat residence as well as local Emirati.

Dubai is a city that is best expert on wheels; the city is planned for cars, most major roads are keeping up in superb condition and the signage; especially in Dubai, is well planned and easy to follow. A part from the practice of driving on Dubai clean; wide roads there are several other benefits to renting a car here:

Scope of a Rent a car License in Dubai

Demand for a rent a car license in Dubai is increase over the fast few year; the Following are the main scope of the rent a car license in Dubai.

Rent a car business setup in Dubai is a handy business. Because Dubai Taxi are very expensive; if you hire a taxi for one day it will cost you 10 times more than renting a car; from rent a car business Dubai. So hiring a taxi for one day can make a dent in your whole travel budget.

Dubai has a number of other travel options; like public transport; that is bus and metro train. But still it does not cover all the key areas of Dubai city; and is not always reliable and are available only in day time. Although with the starting of Dubai Metro system in 2009; the transport of Dubai has reformed dramatically. But still it need to extend their reach to some of the more far off zone of the city; also it only available for travel within Dubai.

Rent a car business setup in Dubai is also on a peak; because it is very time consuming to us a public transport for travelling between the cities; so in this case hiring a car empower you to visit nearby emirates such as Sharjah and Abu Dhabi with relative comfort.

Starting a car rental business is also a handy business; because most of the small medium as well as large companies prefer to rent a car for its outside work; that is for each of their driver to deliver documents and items; or for their consultant to meet the client on the client site.

Starting a car rental business is also a profitable business; because most of the locals and expat are passionate to drive a luxury car; but only a few can afford to buy it. So most of the time people rely on rent a car business in Dubai to drive their dream car. A Rent a car license in Dubai will enable you to provide luxury car for a rent; that is for a short or long term to the residence of a UAE.

Rent a car license in Dubai also a demanding one; because most of the local and expat residence of UAE love to go for desert safari, hell stations; knocking and exploring wadis and find to see the nature. For these trips they need an off road car (4 wheel drives). So everyone taking a 4 wheel drive for these trips from rent a car business setup in Dubai.

Rent a car license in Dubai | Rent car business setup Dubai

  • Name: Car Rental
  • Activity Code: 711105
  • Activity Group: Car rent and passenger transport
  • License Type: Commercial
  • Activity Description: Rent a car license in Dubai enable a firm to rent auto mobiles for short periods of time; that is without drivers, to people who do not have their own car. Also travelers who are out of town; or owners whose care are damage or destroy in incident; and are waiting for the repair.

Rent a car business setup in Dubai

The scope and popularity of rent a car business setup in Dubai can be measures; from the number of rent a car company; which are operating in Dubai. There are hundreds of rent a car business in Dubai available for car hire in Dubai; some of them are larger international corporations such as Hertz, Avis, Dollar and Budget rent a car; while the majority are smaller, locally owner rental companies. But it does not mean that market is saturated in this business. Have more players in the market also show the worth of this business.

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