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We are business setup consultants in UAE. We provide services of business setup in uae, mainland company formation, free zone company formation, offshore company formation and provide sponsorship to new businesses. Contact on 052 9040088
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Freelance License Dubai

Freelance License Dubai

Due to the growth in the use of smartphones and internet; freelancing has not only come to be popular but as well as a number one choice of career. Due to, lack of restrictions and the money that comes with it; freelancing has made its own mark in the world. In addition, who would desire to turn out to be his own boss? If you are fed up of the regular 9 to 6 job; or feed up of doing the same practice over and over again; or have a stable job but want to start a well-paid sideline in your free time; freelance license Dubai is the way to go. Any option that suits you, there are some of the things to think through before you make a decision. Freelancing in Dubai is at the best at this time in the market.

There are a large number of foreigners living in UAE from all over the world. Most of them want to make more earnings in addition with their normal duties to earn extra income; due to the needs of high style of living to keep up with a decent standard in the Society. In general people are mixed up about the part time work and freelance license Dubai. A Freelance license in Dubai is mainly working or running your business lawfully by means of a legal trade license.

A part time job in UAE is consider as ban activity; unless until a person acquires a separate authorization from the ministry of labor in Dubai. There are a lot of paybacks from getting a Dubai freelance license; for example, one or more persons can have the benefits of the ownership of a company; and can also keep an isolated company bank account; separate business address etc.

After gaining Dubai freelance license you are at right and are rightfully permitted to run the business or work here. In UAE a handful of the free zone authorities are delivering the Dubai freelance license; so you can catch the license from whichever of the free zone authority; by electing the activity as per your certified professional experience. Occupants of UAE having a valid visa can open a Dubai freelance license without terminating the current visa. The person who is on husband sponsorship or employment visa can be the shareholder of the company; but on this occasion they will make available NOC letter from the sponsor.

In freelance license Dubai, Physical office space is not required. But then again many free zones also provides the flexi desk facility for small business; that comforts the owner, right to use the office and use the services like postal; receptionist, and meeting rooms etc. The trade license can be allotted within 7 to 10 week days. These opportunities are further suitable for folks who are in residency visa through their other half or employment visa.

Freelance license Dubai

A freelance license Dubai is simply means that, be your own boss. Dubai can be one of the top places to open a freelance license Dubai; Freelancing in Dubai is quite liberating. Yet, it is difficult, and it surely is not a cakewalk. Then again a good start can make the journey smooth. And if you have the ability that it needs then the following thing you must do is to be familiar with all about the freelancing in Dubai.

Dubai in this time is a hot bed for freelancers, as a lot of businesses are making the use of their services from corner to corner in different industries. Your judgment to start on your own is totally braced by the government of UAE; and as a result the procedure to acquire a valid license for freelancing has been made very easy. In the UAE, a lot of the free zone authorities are providing freelance license Dubai; and receiving your license from a free zone can be helpful. Upon selecting an activity as per your qualified experience; you will need to get a trade license from a chosen licensing authority. Here the question get to your feet, how to get a freelance license in Dubai? You have to keep an eye on a procedure by offering a certain set of documents to the authorities as given further down:

Documents Required Getting a Dubai Freelance License

  • Complete application form of Dubai freelance license.
  • Print copy of your business plan.
  • A print copy of your passport.
  • Reference letter sign from current or previous employers.
  • Your resume as well as original educational certificates.
  • NOC signed the by the sponsor to relocation of residence visa to freelance visa and to get hold of a freelance permit.
  • Good standing certificate by the bank making sure that you have reasonable banking history.
  • Range of your work or any testers of work that verify you could freelance in the stated business activity.

Procedure to Get a Freelance License Dubai

  • Apply to free zone authority where you propose to take a freelance license and a freelance visa.
  • Submit an application for initial approval along with the business plan; passport copy, as well as the reference letter.
  • After initial approval, you will receive a verification letter from the relevant free zone authority.
  • Sign this verification letter and give it along with the other documents; point out above, for the final approval.
  • Make all the payments, for example the freelance permit fee, employee visa sponsorship fee; and first episode for rent or office space (could be optional), as well as deposit (if applicable).
  • Sign the free zone sponsorship agreement and gather the freelance permit in addition with the freelance visa.
  • On obtaining all the certifications and approval to initiate a freelance license in Dubai; you will be delivered with a ‘flexi desk’ and business services inside the free zone.
  • The license is allotted inside 7-10 week days

Freelance license cost in Free zone

Free Zone – Cost (AED)
Twofour54 free zone 2,500
D-Tech free zone 7,500
Ajman free zone 11,000
UAQ free zone 13,000
Fujairah free zone 14,000
RAK free zone 15,000

Things You need to know for Dubai freelance license

  • While applying for a freelance license, you need to familiar with; that is you cannot acquire a freelance license from the main land and offshore authorities.
  • You can apply from one of the free trade zone; which allow freelance license.
  • Also if you are on your spouse visa; then to get a freelance license you have to get an NOC from your sponsor. The same applies if you are employee you need an NOC from your company.
  • Having a physical office is not compulsory under freelancing, but free zones do arrange for flexi-desk offices for small businesses.
  • Freelancers in Dubai must not call for submitting official financial statement or being subject to an audit.
  • You can apply for the license on your own; but it is best to get assistance from Shams Consultant to make the process at ease.

Being your own boss definitely sounds great; but you need to work hard to reach on the top. One of the most important things to know while doing freelancing in Dubai is networking. networking will connect you to the right people. If you think you can do it, then you should not wait for it.

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Dubai Mainland License

Dubai Mainland License

Dubai Mainland license is well known for its business friendly arrangements and facilities. Mainland Dubai company formation is still the first choice for a lot expat investor; when they are starting their business in Dubai. Company Formation in Dubai Mainland is very puzzling and time taking job; Shams Consultant is one of the top business setup consultancies; offers the finest services for Mainland Dubai company formation.

Dubai has developed as fast growing city over the past few years; and business setup in Dubai mainland is at ease than ever. Dubai gov’t has an aim to make the method of setting up businesses smooth and time effective. There are two kinds of jurisdictions in Dubai; that is Dubai Main land and the other is Dubai free trade zone. Both jurisdictions have their own normal merits and detriments.

Although it is true that from outside free trade zone give the impression; that they are more eye catching with the cost effective offers which they make; and all the attraction they put forward. But if one does detailed study of the market; they would come to know that free zones are not the only option; which overseas investors consider when they are starting a business in the UAE. In reality they may not even be the utmost favorable business structure to start with. For example if one aims to trade directly in the mainland customer; or want to get government contract; then in this case business setup in Dubai mainland is more suitable in the long run.

Mainland Dubai company formation

DED is the main authority of the government of Dubai for Dubai mainland license; DED was established in March 1992 with the principal objective of regulating the trade & industry in the Emirate of Dubai; and at the same time increasing the economic progress as well as growth of Dubai. DED is liable for business setup in Dubai mainland, business registration & mainland license; as well as commercial obedience & end user protection in the Emirate of Dubai.

Mainland Dubai company formation Process

In Mainland Dubai company formation procedure you need to hire a UAE citizen as a local sponsor for your business. On the other hand, the local sponsor or sleeping partner will make a contract; that he will not have any active part in the profit distribution of the Dubai Mainland license.

For a Dubai Mainland license under a professional classification, the investor can have 100% possession; but a local service agent is still essential. Therefore for a professional company; the local service agent has no active share in the company business process or revenue sharing. In its place, they will only act as agent; while enlisting authorize agreement and forming other business certification required in Dubai.

Benefits of Mainland Company set up in Dubai

  • You can run your company from every part of UAE
  • Dubai Mainland license is 100% tax free from corporate tax
  • No funds necessary for a local Dubai Mainland license
  • No currency limitations in Dubai Mainland company
  • Capability to bring out business in Dubai mainland using Dubai Mainland license
  • You are allow to pick out office locations wherever in Dubai
  • Stress-free processing of employment visas in Dubai Mainland Company formation
  • Mainland Dubai company formation will deliver 100% return of investment and profits
  • Stress free authorize procedures to acquire the Dubai Mainland license and registration in Dubai
  • No audit necessity in Dubai Mainland
  • Simple merger procedure to setup Mainland Company in Dubai.

Requirements for Dubai Mainland Business Setup

A verified office address from Dubai Municipality is compulsory when starting business in Dubai. The condition of office space for mainland business format in Dubai can be different depending on the kind of license the investor is eyeing for and it is investor’s duty to make sure an effective rental contract for an office is vacant at the time of applying for the license of Dubai Mainland Company.

There are 6 core phases involved in Dubai Mainland Company setup. Still, there are some undertakings which Mainland setup need special approval from some particular Government departments. The chief 6 phases involved for company formation in mainland are:

  • Business Activity Selection and Name Approval.
  • Choosing of Local Partner or Service Mediator.
  • Apply for Early Approval for Mainland company setup.
  • Planning of Court Notarization and MOA.
  • Acquire Office Space and Rental Contact
  • Final Submission for Mainland company formation in UAE

Concluding decision on the kind of business set up influenced by a number of factors, that involves the nature of business deeds and aiming customer. Keeping all that in notice let’s examine below when it is helpful to have a mainland company set up.

Target to trade with other mainland companies

One of the utmost important motives to set up a Dubai mainland company; is to be allow to trade with other mainland companies. However with free zone companies there is a strict limitation of trading only inside the same jurisdiction; and in situation they want to trade with some mainland company; they would have to go through a local registered distributer and pay customs duty. Mainland Dubai company formation on the other hand have right of entry within UAE and elsewhere without any limitations.

Wider Scope of Business for Dubai Mainland license:

UAE free zones have a constraint when it comes to possibility of businesses they provide to. For instance, companies in Dubai Knowledge Village must only work in education or related businesses. They do not permit any substitution activities. The same applies for Dubai Healthcare City where healthcare associated businesses are only allowable. Likewise for Maritime businesses RAK maritime city is the finest bet. Also note that expansion of a free zone company activity outside of the free zone is not allowed.

Work along with government bodies with Dubai business license:

Government assignments in UAE are massive business opportunities. These projects are extraordinary on investment as well as profit. These projects require specialize companies to be their service provider. It is clear that if you are capable to take these projects; then it can be exceptionally profitable for you; and the best way to get this kind of opportunity is having a mainland business license. As it views, free zone companies are not permit to be in contention for such opportunities; they can only work with private firm. Any business that aims to get contracts with UAE governmental bodies; for that reason must go forward with Mainland Dubai company formation.

Market Presence with Dubai business license:

The prime and most important benefit of setting up a Dubai Mainland license; is to permit one to open an office wherever in UAE. This being the best approach to trade in local market; also lets you to open offices wherever in UAE; and therefore have a good presence all over the country.
Whereas companies set up in free zones; are usually not allow to work other than the free zone they are register in. As discuss earlier; these companies need a distributor to perform their services in the mainland. So, for company which are looking for a solid presence and strong future in the market; a Dubai business license is a more appropriate option.

Dubai business license is financially feasible:

Free zones continuously make the headlines when it comes to low duty tax; but that is not really mean Dubai business license do not match this with some notable incentives as well.
Also note that no paid up capital is required for Dubai business license; which making them a reasonable way of doing business.

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Cheap business license Dubai

Cheap business license Dubai

Shams Consultant is offer advisory services to the clients reasonably; for quite some time on various business structures. But most of the clients are insisting for recommendation of low cost business setup options; or cheap business license Dubai. However, it is not a shocking situation; because most of the intending persons are looking to determine most prompt and practical solution of their desired businesses; for the reason that opening and operating a new business in a foreign state can be highly expensive.

The selection of a cheap business license Dubai may be easy for people who are the residence of Dubai; but even then the picking of a cheap business license Dubai need the guidance and advice from a consultant. Because living in Dubai and be familiar with the business are two different thing. And for those, who are planning to come to the Dubai and start a new business here; it might be very stimulating to study about setup options which Dubai free zone is offering; and to select one right for your business. Today we sharing below information as how to select and find the cheap business license Dubai.

Cheapest way to start a company in Dubai

First of all, let us level the main fact; that can help you to select the best free trade zone for company formation in Dubai free zone. These facts are as follows:

  • Location of the free trade zone;
  • Registration cost that free zone offer;
  • The structure of your business
  • Renting a flexi desk instead of a permanent office.
  • Also consider License cost as well
  • Choosing a company package, which allows you for a fewer number of resident visas.
  • Choosing the free zone with lowest resident visa charges.

These are some main facts for those who are keen and looking for the cheapest way to start a company in Dubai.  It is to be noted that the above facts are not applicable for every activity or in all cases; because each and every request must be look on their independent situation; which is on a case to case basis. Since we are not watching to a exact case, our guidance would be of more general nature.

Cheap business license Dubai

How a company setup outside of Dubai can help you to reduce in the setup costs? Firstly; the license fee as well as the registration cost in free zones outside of Dubai; is lower as compare to Dubai free zone. By starting a business there, you would pay a small fee on obtaining a license; and also a small registration fee, so you can save some money for operational needs.

Secondly, free zone outside of Dubai does not have necessary health insurance; however, a facility is provided with health cards vital for your employees.

Thirdly, most of free zone outside of Dubai does not need to have an annual audit statement. As a result, company will have only internal accounting and no extra costs of auditing services would bear.

And last but not the least, many free zones outside of Dubai; does not requires share capital into company bank account. At the start of a business it might be hard for an entrepreneur; that is to deposit an amount between AED 150 000; and also to transfer it from abroad. By selecting cheap business license Dubai which does not require share capital deposit; entrepreneurs may also reduce their financial load.

As you can observe from said arguments; sometimes considering another emirate could be a more financially feasible option than trying to find the cheap business license Dubai.

Cheapest way to start a company in Dubai

Cheapest way to start a company in Dubai Free zone is the most favorite locations for international business; which attract foreign investors due to its policies by generating employment while supporting economic changes; which are highly lucrative investment options for organizations. Stakeholders have a choice of expert jurisdiction; and each free zone has its own limitations on the business activity. There are more than 20 Free zones and each has its own framework, rules as well as regulations.

Some of the benefits for cheapest way to start a company in Dubai free zone

  • 100% Ownership of your business
  • 0% Tax on the setup of a free trade zone company
  • Can be formed by only one individual
  • 100% secrecy maintain in the formation of a free zone company.
  • Less renewal charges of the company license
  • Can be liquidated anytime
  • Can do multiple activities
  • You can do international business
  • Can hold Properties

Types of cheap business license Dubai

General Trading License: – Allows you to deal with almost all types of goods; with the obvious exclusion of banned goods and products that need special approvals.

Commercial License: Business activities such as repairing, workshops etc. comes under Free Zone Commercial License

Trading License: – Allows you to carry out trading activities (buying, import & export, selling) of limited number of goods and commodities.

Consultancy / Service License: – Service businesses such as consultancy, accountancy, legal firms charges etc. comes under consultancy license.

Industrial License: – Activities such as manufacturing, packaging, processing and assembling comes under the Industrial License.

Dubai freezone license cost

DMCC Dubai freezone license cost is 50000 AED; in DWC Dubai free zone license cost or Dubai south free zone license cost is 31000 AED. D3 Dubai freezone license cost is 18000; Meydan free zone company formation cost is AED 21,020.

Problem for cheap business license Dubai free zone

Having a cheap business license Dubai free zone, you will be consider as a foreign company; thus you cannot bid for gov’t tenders; nor do business directly with mainland area; even with private sector you can’t do business directly; you can import as well as re export; and if a company is hire your services, it mean that they hire a foreign company.

But in practice, many operate at free zones and no problems at all; or what so ever as it depends on the client or the company you are doing business with.

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Starting business in Dubai

Starting business in Dubai

The UAE is full of competition and there are many areas in UAE that offer likely benefits to the people. Due to the huge renovation as well as growth; the demands of the consumers have been rising and the suppliers are always trying to cover that gap. It has open to offer so many opportunities for starting new business; and also to seek hide fate by testing their skills; as well as other similar qualities to get their expected share of profit from the market. But for this purpose an investor has to be very careful while making the deal or planning to start business in UAE; they should have full knowledge of what they want to achieve; and also how are they going to achieve the target; also it is advisable to do all the math in advance; in order to protect themselves from any foreseeable loss.

There are some places of the UAE where there has been a large growth in terms of commerce; as well as trade and the new investors are getting attract to the land of success due to many reasons. Many groups have proven themselves by conducting business; and also the world has seen those achieving high goals; as well as earns wide range of profit in a very short period of time. But when it comes to starting business in Dubai, there are many merits of having a new business; or also an old one which was brought to Dubai; because of the merits that it offers to the investor. There are many merits and not all of them can be cover here; therefore only few will be discuss in this section.

The major advantage of starting business in Dubai is that Dubai has proven to have a very strong as well as stable economy; which has earned the trust of many firms as well as venture capitalist which bound them to make investments in Dubai. Also the Dubai has a wide sense of people from across the world in the form of tourists; and this traffic brings in new opportunities for the sellers to display and sell their products; that is in the international market, and spread their users worldwide. UAE has some of the most successful states like Dubai; that has seen economic growth and increase in population over last decade; and the numbers are still increasing due to smart peace actions. These were some of the benefits of starting business in Dubai.

Start business in UAE with business consultant

To start business in UAE many companies appoint the services of a consultant; which is beneficial and fruitful in opening an enterprise. The benefits can be manifolds. The amount of knowledge that consultants can share is massive. Furthermore how to incorporate information for meaningful results is also significant. Experts can offer the desired control and the understanding that the new venture requires. This is a strategic decision and the choice of the specialist must be wise. Analyze all the aspects before finalizing on the choice of the expert.

Starting business in Dubai is an expert and professional domain; having the knowledge and the skill to efficiently launch new ventures in style. The manner in which the new venture is launch will impact on developing relationship with stakeholders. The presence of an expert can instill the attitude; that is desire in determining the significance of each variable in the implementation phase. Inside out planning is requires with punctilious and elaborate planning to remove all the grey areas. The genuine value of each variable must be establish. Your outcome will depend on how planning as carried out, isn’t it? The extent of ease and simplicity that is indispensable is central to the launch process. You must rigorously pursue excellence.

Start business in uae

It is not about how you start the venture; sustainability is as essential as any other aspect. You have to make sure that start business in uae does not get into any clash after its launch. The documentation as well as its approval from the concern authority in important; and work as an important factor in the process of business setup. The knowledge of identifying different factor that can put an end to the business must be explained at the begging. Expert can simplify what needs to be done and how to explore.

Experts can find out how core values must be expertly incorporated by the management. Starting business in Dubai can help as the connecting link; that is between good and best launch of a new commercial undertaking. Your practical capacity may be limited; expert assistance can relieve you of unnecessary burden and you can get the real value of your investment.

Why Us Shams Consultant for Starting business in Dubai

We are pleased to introduce Shams Consultant as a largest mid cap global Corporate Services Provider; as well as holding an experience of over 5 years in Dubai and UAE Market; that is for Starting business in Dubai, Offshore Banking and Company setup. We currently work with firms; who want to expand globally and act as corporate business advisory for many SMEs worldwide.

We are the specialist of formation of Trading LLC, Real Estate, General Trading, Auditing Firm; also travel agency, free trade zone company setup; offshore companies formation, Professional as well as industrial Licenses.

We also provide powerful as well as high profile UAE national local partner. We usually assist our clients to open bank accounts in UAE; and also other international jurisdictions.
We consult, implement and manage diverse business solutions necessary for enterprise growth and success.

Our Services for Starting business in Dubai Includes

  • Business Set up in Dubai UAE
  • LLC Company formation (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman as well as Umm Al Quwain)
  • High profile and Reliable UAE National Local Partners.
  • Free trade zone Company setup (Across all 7 Emirates)
  • PRO Services (Visas, Amendments, Renewals Etc.)
  • Offshore Formation in Dubai-UAE & Internationally
  • Business Centre Facility.(Business Bay)
  • Trademark Registration etc.
  • Accounting & Book Keeping

We are looking forward to knock from you to discuss our Services in more detail; and would  also interested to understand your services to join our hands together for long term business relation.

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How to Open a New Franchise in Dubai

How to Open a New Franchise in Dubai

Opening a franchise in Dubai has pick up speed with lots of international and domestic brands knowing the importance of the model. Now the question is when to start Opening a franchise in Dubai. Franchise business start when the products or services become a big brand and gain some values; then other investors want to repeat its established concept. Once a business becomes a brand then the business owner becomes a franchisor. In the franchise model, the business man sells the rights to other people like him. The franchisor gets up-front fees from the people who wish to do the same business and using his brand as well as his logo. The initial fee also includes training and equipment support. Additionally, the franchisor also receives a percentage of profit shares; that is from its franchisee from time to time as agreed upon by both parties.

Opening a franchise in Dubai is a business model to expand the business in a market. Franchising is a way of business that is gradually growing; and accounts for more than one-third of the world’s retail sales. A franchise acts like a permit for fast growth; It is also a brand’s recognition and offers a reliable system to carry your brand‘s promise. Opening a franchise in Dubai is based on a business relationship between the franchisor and franchisee. In this article we will discuss that what is franchising; how it works, why franchising is growing as a way of doing business; also what makes a good franchise? Apart from a simple concept of franchising; we will also considers the benefits of franchising; and provides basic guidance to allow businesses to benefit from innovation.

Opening a franchise in Dubai is not limited just to fast food franchise in Dubai. There are now franchises for mentoring managers and sports people and franchises for online shopping. In the future the economy of Dubai will more likely be filled by new and creative franchises; which seek to exploit on their market lead and intellectual property advantage.

Fast food franchise in Dubai and other UAE Franchise opportunities

The market of Fast food franchise in Dubai is dominated by American brands and French brands. The scenario has started to change as most of Pakistani and Indian brand in food are coming to Dubai for food franchise in Dubai; and also the opportunities are available in varied sectors; and many Asian franchisers are entering the market. Until now, the Dubai franchise market has seen control of few big retail firms having multi brands in their portfolio; and mostly the Master Franchisee engagements; but now the trend for small franchisees and sub franchising is picking up.

As there is no specific law for UAE Franchise opportunities; there for general contract and commercial law is applicable to franchises contract in Dubai. Also, the principles of Sharia law apply to commercial contacts in the Emirate. As per the UAE law, only UAE citizens or companies wholly owned by UAE citizens or those with a UAE sponsor are allow to do this business. Therefore, due diligence on part of franchiser for normal laws and also while selecting the local sponsor. Furthermore, the franchise agreement needs to be disclosing before a Dubai court.

Currently, UAE Franchise opportunities are in fast foods, restaurants, soft drink bottling; also auto leasing, apparel, hotels, toys, beauty products, jewelry, photography; also vending machines, dry cleaning, hardware stores, furniture, office supplies, natural health products; publications, quick printing as well as florists; sport goods, retail stores, maid as well as personal services. Today, the biggest sector in this business is Fast food franchise in Dubai with most major US fast food Company.

Option for Opening a franchise in Dubai

There are two main options for Opening a franchise in Dubai. First, is a product distribution franchising. The second, is a business format franchising.

In a product distribution franchising, the franchiser make the products and the franchisee just sell that product. In this case, products need some groundwork and post-sale service. Also i    n product distribution franchising there is a solid proof of identity with your brand. For example, products that are typically franchised are soft drinks, automobiles.

Business format franchising is known as a system of delivery which is more important in the product distribution franchise. This is more establishing in the restaurant, hospitality and leisure businesses.

Agreement for Opening a franchise in Dubai

The agreement for Opening a franchise in Dubai is an agreement between two parties; where a franchisor license the franchisee, in exchange for a fee. The franchise system is usually a package together with the intellectual property rights, such as:

  • Trade name as well as logo
  • competitive advantage as well as goodwill associated with the business
  • Own the rights to use the trade mark
  • Own the rights of any creations such as patents or designs as well as trade secrets
  • Expertise of the business and any relevant lists
  • Advertising
  • Copy-righted works linking to the production,
  • Sale of goods as well as the delivery of services to clients

It is suggested that you look out for your IP which is unique to your corporate and provides your firm with its competitive benefit and market place.

How to Open a New Franchise in Dubai

There is no special law for franchising in Dubai. A common agreement as well as commercial law is applied to franchising. UAE law orders that only UAE national or UAE local wholly own company or those with a UAE sponsor are allow doing business. But note that Businesses located in the UAE free zones are exempt from this.

However, Dubai has strict rules about new business setup. Franchising combines the tactical thirst of a small business man with the skill and resources of a bigger company. This kind of structure is very effective and offers you supreme profits in addition to support from the franchisor. In order to open a New Franchise in Dubai; you need to have a business mind with a positive, self-confident and fanatical attitude. Dubai offers an open business atmosphere in its terms of corporate taxation, full repatriation of profit; as well as good infrastructure, entity ownership and human resources.

Steps to Open a New Franchise in Dubai

  • Angle your interests and expertise and categorize the service business you wish to enter. Create a list of the existing UAE franchise opportunities by look through local ads and poster; as well as inquire from your neighbors, relatives and friends.
  • Create the list of franchisors based on a number of factors such as brand image; consumer preferences as well as quality of service. Slender down the list to a few persons and contact them through call; or mail them your interest in the UAE franchise opportunities.
  • Confirm the rules and regulation to open a franchise in Dubai. You need to be a Dubai citizen, and also you need a local sponsor to open a franchise in Dubai; according to UAE law. This law does not apply to a company; if you open company in Dubai free zone; however, you will need a much larger capital base to open a franchise in Dubai free zone. You will need to have good contacts and impact to start and run a franchise in Dubai; and a sponsor will be very useful.
  • Sign an agreement with one of the franchisors that suits your desires. Consult a lawyer before you submit the contract to talk over possible bad terms within the contract.
  • Write a business plan that contains your business summary; competitor analysis, market development in the specific service, your core competency; also your financial plans, marketing policies as well as your funding alternatives.
  • Register your franchise agreement before a UAE court. And apply to obtain the trade license for your business.
  • Choose a right location establish on your target market and meet the terms with local zoning rules.
  • Open your franchise. Advertise your business from side to side with the help of franchiser.

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cheapest freezone in Dubai

cheapest freezone in Dubai

Shams Consultant is advising customers for a quite some time on a various business structure. But most of the time clients are asking to recommend low cost business setup options; or cheapest freezone in Dubai. But it is also not a surprising thing; that a lot of people are looking to determine the most practical solution; as opening and operating a new business in a foreign state can be quite expensive.

The answer to the question of the cheapest freezone in Dubai may be clear for those who are the residence of UAE; but even then the selections of a cheapest freezone in Dubai require guidance and advice from business setup consultant. Because living in Dubai and know about the business are two different thing. And for those, who are planning to come to the UAE and to start a new company here, it might be very challenging to study the plenty of setup options which Dubai free zone is offering, and to select one that suits your requirement. Today we will share with you information on how to select and find the cheapest freezone in Dubai.

How to select cheapest freezone in Dubai

First and foremost, let us inline the main point that can help you to select the best free trade zone for company formation in Dubai free zone. These strategies are as follows:

  • Location of the free trade zone
  • The structure of your business
  • Registration cost that free zone offer
  • Also consider License cost as well
  • Choosing a company package, which allows you for a fewer number of resident visas.
  • Renting a flexi-desk instead of a permanent office.
  • Choosing the free zone with lowest resident visa charges.

These are the main point that a person can follow; when looking for the cheapest business setup in UAE. But also note that the above mentioned points are not applicable for every activity or in all cases; because every request must be look on a case to case basis. Since we are not looking at a precise case, our guidance will be of more general nature.

Looking for cheapest free zone outside of Dubai

How can setup of a company outside of Dubai help to accomplish the decrease in the setup costs? First of all, the company license fee and company registration cost in free zones outside of Dubai are lower as compare to Dubai free zone. By opening a company there, you can save on license charges and registration fee which can be used for operational needs.

Secondly, free zone outside of Dubai does not have compulsory health insurance constraint with only health cards required for your employees.

Thirdly, most of free zone outside of Dubai does not require annual audit statements. As a result, company will have internal accounting but no extra costs on auditing services.

And last but not least, many free zones outside of Dubai do not require share capital into company’s bank account. At the begging it may be difficult for a businessman to deposit an amount between AED 150 000 and AED 300 000; and also to transfer it from abroad. By selecting a free zone that does not requires share capital deposit; businessmen will also reduce their financial load.

As you may see from abovementioned arguments, sometimes considering another emirate could be a more financially viable option than trying to find the cheapest free zone in Dubai.

Choosing cheapest freezone in Dubai with a flexi desk

Rent of an office space in Dubai free zone is interlinked with a license and number of visas. The bigger office space will allow the company to apply for more visas; and company will be able to hire more employees.

Flexi desk is the minimal option the company may pick to be able to receive a business license. Simply in other words, it is not possible to get a license for your business without a flexi desk or rent an office space; and also note that flexi desk facility, which is a work station in a business center for use of up to 16 hours a week. Flexi desk will allow you to get a quota of 2 to 3 employment visas for your company and will cost you 3 times less, than a standard office.

Therefore, if your aim is to select cheapest freezone in Dubai to cut expenses, you should think through to rent a flexi desk facility. The more visas you require for your business, the bigger your physical office will have to be in the future.

Lower fees for resident visas

Resident visa charges in different free zones may slightly differ, therefore, when working on reduction of your set up costs, you may look for a free zone, which has lowest fees for resident visa issuance.

Comparison of cheapest free zone license in UAE

Ras Al Khaima Dubai South DUBAI MULTI
Incorporation time 2 – 3 working Days 1 week 6-8 weeks 2 business days 3-5 business days
Share capital 0 0 50000 per company 185,000 Price of License
Monthly Payment Plan (post dated cheques) No No No Yes No
Flexi Desk Option 10,300 17000
No. of Visa Allotment: 2
No. of Visa Allotment: 3
Flexi Office Facility Yes Yes N/A Starting from 21950
No. of Visa Allotment: 2
No. of Visa Allotment: 4
Industrial License Available Yes Yes Yes
Warehouse Facility Yes Yes N/A 350 per sq m
No. of Visas: 14
255 per sq m
No. of Visas: based on activity
General Trading License 20000 20000 82000 27150 35000
Consultancy License 10000 10000 32030 34550 25000
Visa – Shareholders 4000 4000 4510 /3300 4000 3500
Visa – Employees 4000 4000 Outside 3300 /
Inside 4510
4000 + Deposit / Ticket 3500 + Deposit / Ticket
All shareholders must travel required for company formation Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Legal considerations
100% foreign ownership Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Minimum number of directors 1 1 1 1 1
Minimum number of shareholders 1 1 1 1 1
Corporate directors allow No No No No No
Corporate shareholders allow Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free Zone directory listing company info Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Tax considerations
Exempt of corporate tax on profits Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Access to UAE double tax treaties Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Statutory audit required Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Misc. considerations
Rent office premises outside free zones No No No No No
Allow to export goods Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Allow to import raw materials Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Compulsory to appoint an Auditor No No Yes No Yes

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How to start a small business in Dubai

How to start a small business in Dubai

Dubai is one of the fastest rising markets in the world; Dubai is the impeccable place for foreign looking to develop in their skill and get more and more opportunity. The matchless opportunity to expand one’s prospects together with the likely to earn well; which is what attract most of the foreigner to Dubai in search of opportunity.

To start a small business in Dubai is the key to Dubai future progress; and while the start of a small business in Dubai is a complex procedure and needs a large volume of start-up capital; Dubai offers an operating environment that is among the most generous and eye-catching in the Middle East state.

So how does a person can thing about How to start a small business in Dubai; it is not as simple as you think but it can be after covering your entire basis. It is the process of turning your business idea into a productive business.

Before jumping in to launch your business, we recommend looking at three major components that will affect the profitability of your startup.

How to start a small business in Dubai

To understand the process of How to start a small business in Dubai you need to go through the following process

How to start a small business in Dubai | Type of business

You can operate your business under a specific license; your type of business will regulate the kind of license you need. It can be a professional, commercial license in Dubai or industrial license; these will describe the source of your setups. However, there are certain activities such as jeweler trade; food trading, veterinary activities and legal consultancy require further approvals from other departments. The DED in Dubai has a list of over 2100 activities you can choose from.

How to start a small business in Dubai | Ownership

The next thing in the process of How to start a small business in Dubai; is the business ownership. As an expat person, if you would like 100% ownership of your business, you need to go for a license in free zones of the UAE. There are specific kinds of activities that each free zone provides to and clearness in the first step will help you find your best option. If you need a local business or you want to operate locally; then you need a license from DED. But remember that DED license comes with certain limits on share of ownership for expat.

How to start a small business in Dubai | Legal form

After selecting a type of business and decide the ownership type; next step is to select the legal form. There are rules regarding the setup of the firm. For example, if you plan on a legal consultancy business, this can be through only as a branch of company or as a separate company. A sole proprietor is not allow to take up this activity. Each free zone has its own limitations about business structure and you can look these up on the official website of the zone.

Selection of Trade Name to start a small business in Dubai

The selection of a trade name is a very important part of the legal process. The trade name should ideally show the nature of business; unless it is a branch of another company.

Local support to start a small business in Dubai

For DED licenses, it is compulsory to have a local sponsor in Dubai and this is a great support for expat nationals.  For free zones, taking a local contact can help take the business forward effectively. However, this is not mandatory and Dubai as a business destination boasts easy set-up for all businessmen regardless of nationality. A local sponsor who will hold the majority part of in your company and can thus, theoretically control it. Local partners can be single person or it can be a local own company; and they are not requires to pay financially to the startup. There are many ways in which a local sponsor can be paid; it is important to set the prospects earlier.

Premises needs to start a small business in Dubai

Once you have your legal processes ready to go; it also would be best to select some site with costs and other details. This would mean a clear path forward once you get your legal regulations out of the way. In free zones, you will get support to find locations fit to your requirement along with help to set up electricity, internet, water and other amenities.

Share capital required to start a small business in Dubai

Minimum share capital is regularly set out in the MOA of your propose company. In most cases, you do not need to pay minimum capital at the time of setting up.

Know your business

The success of a countless business project is conditional on complete information of the local market; thorough research into the capability and request for your product; as well as service and a credible business plan that is likely to attract partners.

Yes you have countless knowledge about your product and services; but do you think is there a demand for what you are offering? What does your opposition look like and what places your product and services a mark above the others?

You must need a proper study of the market; also spend some money on marketing to take out the demand for your product as well as services; which will save you a lot of money in the future.

How to start a small business in Dubai | Financial viability

As soon as your business is setup and up and running; the Ministry of Commerce will want you to show proof of financial investment. If you are new to the UAE and have no track record, you must be ready to find your own financial assets through your bank or by other means rather than depend on local support.

Once you convert your concept in to feasible business, still you need some money to run your business.

How to start a small business in Dubai as a Limited Liability Companies

Of these, the LLC Company is the most generally take on structure to start a small business in Dubai. LLC can be setup between as few as two or as many as fifty persons; whose liability in the company is limited to their share investment in the company. A local sponsor is requires to setup an LLC; where his share in the company will be 51%; and foreign equity in the company is limited to 49%. These are the steps that need to be followed for the set-up process:

  • Select a name for your company that tells the type of business and have it accepted by the Licensing Department of the DED.
  • Draw up a MOA which is a document that directs the external activities of the company. The MoA needs to be notarized by a Notary Public in a Dubai court.
  • Apply for entry into the Commercial register at the Economic Development Department.
  • Once approval is granted DED will issue a license; and the company’s name will be enter into the Commercial Register. The MoA will be published in the Ministry of Economy and Commerce’s Bulletin.
  • The final step is to register the company with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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How to open a small shop in Dubai

How to open a small shop in Dubai

There are more than 9,000 retail shop in Dubai; and this number is massively increasing; addition that the diversity of people and the highly established structure in Dubai; present a significant opportunity for grocery shop in Dubai or retail shop in Dubai. Gov’t of Dubai wants to support all important segments of business to raise the confidence of investor; as well as attractiveness in all of these sectors.

Dubai has bring new standards  and criteria to open a coffee shop in Dubai; that is with the objective of creating a standard criteria for these coffee shop in Dubai; and make them able to seem reliable from inside as well as outside in order to comply international standards.

While the latest rules and regulation ware applied from the second half of 2016; grocery shop in Dubai as well as other retail shop in Dubai; will have time till the second half of 2018; that is to make sure complete compliance with those standards.

The new criteria to open a coffee shop in Dubai; or any retail shop in Dubai consists of several in use needs; that is unification of logo and uniqueness of business, signage; color scheme; storage area, outdoor finish, interior (fixtures and display units) as well as lighting and fittings. Dubai gov’t is throwing the new criteria as element of its hard work; to improve the quality of services obtainable to the public in Dubai; mainly in the area of retail shop in Dubai. This emphasizes the UAE as a favorite shopping target, locally as well as worldwide.

The operational needs to open a small shop in Dubai must meet the terms; with the standards of the Health & Department of General Safety of Dubai Municipality; with look upon to the design of the store; show of product and classification; storage, training, health, smoking, personal hygiene and forbidden pets.

How to open a retail shop in Dubai | how to open a small shop in Dubai | how to open a coffee shop in Dubai | how to open a grocery shop in Dubai

Business plan for the coffee shop in Dubai

The first step to open a coffee shop in Dubai is a business plan. A business plan is a very to get success in the business. Coffee retail is a high volume, low transaction business; and a big coffee houses can require a quarter of a million dollars in startup costs. Figure out if it’s feasible for you to start a coffee shop or find some business setup consultant to write a business plan for you.

Select a good location to open a small shop in Dubai

The most important step to open a small shop in Dubai is the selection of a location. The selection of the suitable location is very much important for business setup in Dubai; in fact it plays a key role in the success of this type of a business. So to open a small shop in Dubai you need to choose an area where people can come more easily.

Inventory management of grocery shop in Dubai

If you are not careful; then this is the area where you can lose your money. Having excess product on hand that you can’t sell; or that goes bad before you can put it out is a waste of money. However you don’t want to have so little product that you build a reputation as the store that is always running out of things.

Promotion a retail shop in Dubai

Another important step after you successfully open a retail shop in Dubai is promotion. Grocery store in UAE is always through their best promotion. They attract their consumers by placing ads like huge sale this week only! Some grocery releasing coupons; vary their deals.

Staff of the coffee shop in Dubai

An excellent staff is a key to running a successful coffee shop in Dubai or any grocery store in Dubai. Hire friendly people who will go above and beyond for the customers.

Upkeep of the coffee shop in Dubai

It is important for any coffee shop in Dubai to create a clean; welcoming environment so that customers keep coming environment so that customer keep coming back. Assign someone to carefully manage produce and remove any bad produce immediately. Also keep bathrooms spotless and well stocked; floors swept and check-out counters well organized

Be a part of your community

Connect with your community. Sponsor clubs and events. Hold food drives; make your first move by putting out bins and placing a few items of your own in them. Also work with local nonprofits to donate food that you might throw out; but that is still good. Listen to what your community wants.

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New Product launches in Dubai

New Product launches in Dubai

How to launch a new product in UAE

To launch a new product in UAE always starts with good timing. When a company wants to introduce a new product in the market; they always wait for the good time and proper packaging of the new brands in UAE; otherwise the outcome will be a failure. Sometimes it is compulsory to delay the new launch in UAE of the item as it can create huge in the result. You need to understand the following two questions; which will at the end of the day help you in raising the right timeline for new launch in UAE.

“Do my new brands in UAE do what is requires in the market?” Assess if the product is meeting all the demands that are exist in the market; or there is need to spend more time in its growth process.

For lunching new brands in UAE Do I have a professional team in place?” Evaluate the tool that is behind the product. Ask yourself that “Do I have my marketing materials packaging and back-end systems; in order, and have I developed plan for meeting metrics and feedback?”

If the answer to any of the above is no, then delaying the launching of new brands in UAE; until you have yes for all the answers. Releasing the mysteries of the product occasionally can be a successful approach to build up expectancy. Stay away from binding yourself to a specific time or date unless you are quite sure that you will be able to do it.

Brand launch in Dubai

Brands are stand as important goods in market where the situation is dynamic. Brands are well thought out as displays to measure the success of the company in the market. This also helps the brands to be place in the emergent markets; so that to have key leadership positions. There are several activities involve in order to structure strong brand launch in Dubai.

These actions are consist of rising suitable position, character; identity (brand’s name, logo, symbols, images etc.), and culture of the brand which serves as the social guardian of the brand; so that it can be brought successfully to the client. This strategy will give good results as it remains true the brand philosophy; including its culture and is solely dependent on objective to deliver the best to the customer.

Procedure for New Product launches in Dubai

The first step in New product launches in Dubai is that you must have a company. There are already a number of brands operating in Dubai. Which include many local and foreign brands while most of them are international brands as well. So it means that any New product launches in Dubai; will have to compete against already establish brands in the country; along with new brands that are entering the market every year. So, keep this in mind that a New product launches in Dubai is not only a profitable opportunity; but it also a challenge where only a high class product available; also in a quite low price to take maximum advantage.

Before New product launches in Dubai, an important thing need to be check; that is the uniqueness of the name. It means that the new product launches in Dubai must not have register already in the country. In case of already register of the same product, you will not be certifies to launch the same brand in the market.

Once you confirm that your new product is not already launch in the market; then you can start the process of launching of a new product in Dubai. In this case, you have two options. You can either launch the product yourself or through a distributor. Inducting it yourself will save lot of money; but it is only practical if you are launching the product on a small scale. Distributor will not only make the work at ease for you but it can provide you more profit; by distributing your product in far flung areas which is otherwise difficult to achieve.

New product launches in Dubai is possible in both Dubai mainland and any of the free zones present in Dubai. Both these zone have their own rules as well as regulations. Generally, it is difficult to launch a product in Dubai main land if the company is register in a free zone.

If you want to launch product in Dubai mainland then the registration is possible through Dubai Municipality (DM). You have to provide required documents for registration process.

After completing the registration process, you can easily launch a new cosmetic brand in Dubai.

Course Objectives for New product launches in Dubai

  • Effectively examine the consumer market
  • Better expand and test new product / service ideas
  • Develop insight into potential opportunity areas for product and services
  • Build integrated communication briefs and strategies
  • Develop and implement launch strategies and tactical plans
  • Evaluate and solve problems after launch
  • Develop brands that are the source of competitive advantage
  • Generate and implement an innovation strategy
  • Build a brand position and deliver on the brand promise
  • Give brands personality and character that is value by customers
  • Build customer relationships with well positioned brands
  • Develop “Brand Culture” within your organization

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Readymade garment business in Dubai

Readymade garment business in Dubai

Readymade garment business in Dubai is now becoming a money making business in Dubai. Most of the people have become fashion conscious these days. Many of them nowadays prefer, to have branded costumes in cheaper rates. You can easily earn a position in the market; because of its need in the booming market. And if you have experience in this field then you can easily make a room in the market.

With increase in much readymade garment business in Dubai; it is essential that you put forward lot of energy and matchless ideas to stand out of the crowd. The better and unique your designs are the more will your turnovers be.

How to open a shop in Dubai

Opening a clothing shop in Dubai is a thoughtful business. This is one business that can help you earn a steady profit every single day; with plenty scope for progress. As there are many options to start a clothing shop in Dubai. It is important to invest in a cloth selling business that matches your interests and meet the needs of your specific customers. There are important tasks you must accomplish before starting a retail business and this how to guide will help you reach your goal effectively.

Following are the details of readymade garment business in Dubai; to start with small investment and nurture fast as per the hard work. Dubai is rising very fast as people is increasing day by day; due to this growth, without a doubt opportunities will appear automatically; and demand will be increase so the product will be positive. Following are the areas where we can invest our time and wealth for a better growth

Starting a readymade garment business in Dubai

Before starting a readymade garment business in Dubai; you have to first concentrate on few key points which include:

  • Location: It is always a best option if you begin with whole sale readymade garment business in Dubai. Picking place like meena bazaar market would help you get more response; and you can also work together with different clients of different fashion.
  • Capital Resources: Having a sound capital for opening a readymade garment business in Dubai is important. This will support you to gain more assurance and commit yourself into business dealings.
  • Legal formalities: The legal rules and regulations in a business may change according to your place of licensing. It is vital that you first give a name to your company and approve it before registration.
  • Documents required to be filled: there are a bunch of document required; depend on the structure of the business, if you want to setup a branch of your readymade garment business; then you need all the document from your parent company as well.
  • Quality and Design: if you are opening a readymade garment business in Dubai; try to provide unique design and best quality of products; so that to satisfy the requirements of the customers.
  • Target the customers: Use the skill of directing the customers according to their age; taste as well as style.
  • Research: It is vital that you make an extensive study of the market; in order to find the best garments in fashion at this period.
  • Once you are fine with the above mentioned points; you have to start promoting your business by giving advertisements etc.

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