Setting Up a Franchise in Dubai: An In-Depth Guide

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Have you considered expanding your successful business by setting it up as a franchise? Dubai provides a highly appealing destination, boasting a sturdy economy, strategic geographic location, and a welcoming environment for entrepreneurs. This guide will walk you through the ins and outs of setting up a franchise in this dynamic city, and will provide frequently asked questions and answers to better equip aspiring franchise owners.

Introduction to Franchising in Dubai

Franchising is a model of business wherein a franchiser (the original business owner) grants a franchisee (the buyer) the right to use their trademark or business model to sell products or services. This has become an increasingly popular method of business expansion, and Dubai is no exception. The city has welcomed numerous international franchises and helped local businesses grow into franchises due to its friendly business policies.

Benefits of Setting Up a Franchise in Dubai

Establishing a franchise in Dubai offers multiple benefits:

Wide consumer base: Dubai is a global business hub housing numerous expatriates and hosting millions of tourists annually. This offers a diverse and expansive consumer base for franchises.

Government Support: The Dubai government offers substantial support to businesses, including an easy licensing process, tax-free zones, and infrastructure geared towards commercial growth.

Brand Recognition: Franchises often benefit from brand recognition, making Dubai an ideal place for franchisers looking to tap into new markets whilst using an existing reputation.

Steps to Franchise Setup in Dubai

To set up a franchise in Dubai, follow these steps:

Feasibility study: Conduct a comprehensive market research to understand market demands, target audience, competitive landscape, and business potential.

Franchise Agreement: Draft a franchise agreement detailing the franchisor’s and franchisee’s rights and obligations. This agreement should be reviewed by a legal professional.

Business License: Apply for a business license from the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED). The type of license you require depends on the nature of your business.

Franchise Location: Choose a strategic location for your franchise in Dubai. This could vary from a shopping mall to a free zone, depending on your target audience and brand identity.

Staffing: Hire required personnel and provide necessary training to equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to carry out their tasks efficiently.

Promote Your Franchise: Implement a customized marketing strategy to raise brand awareness and attract potential customers to your franchise.

Frequently Asked Questions About Franchise Setup in Dubai

What types of business licenses are required for a franchise in Dubai?
Dubai offers three primary types of licenses: Professional, Commercial, and Industrial. The choice of license would depend on the nature of the franchise business.

How long does the franchise setup process take in Dubai?
The timeframe depends on the type of business, size of the franchise, and the respective franchise setup process. Typically, obtaining a license could take about 1-2 weeks from submitting the necessary documents.

Can foreign companies open a franchise in Dubai?
Yes, foreign companies can open a franchise in Dubai either by collaborating with a local company or setting it up in one of the many free zones dedicated to international businesses.

What are the common challenges faced when setting up a franchise in Dubai?
Common challenges include understanding local business practices, adhering to regulatory requirements, getting the right location, and dealing with competition. Engaging a business consultant like Shams Consultant can help mitigate these challenges by providing expert guidance.


While establishing a franchise in Dubai can be a promising business venture, it is crucial to understand the business environment and adhere to the established norms and legal requirements. Engage with companies such as Shams Consultant for expert advice and step-by-step guidance to navigate the process with success.

Remember, preparation and knowledge hold the key to a successful business venture in new territorial waters. Dubai, with its business-friendly environment and flourishing consumer base, is ready to greet franchisers with open arms. Are you ready to take that plunge? Contact us today to start your franchise journey in Dubai.