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The economy of UAE is divided between the onshore sector and offshore sector. Onshore is for local business interests, and the offshore sector include number of Free zones. Shams Consultant is a professional company located in Dubai/UAE. We provide business setup in UAE services in both of these sectors. Business Setup in UAE is the best choice for new business as the government of UAE is encouraging the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to operate in UAE effectively. only in Dubai 75,000 companies are doing their Business in UAE.

Shams Business Consultants guide his valuable customer to select the feasible location for setting up a business having pass through all legal procedures. For Business Setup in UAE, Our consultant are highly experienced and cost effective for all type of services. Services are delivered keeping highest professional standards.

Looking for a Business Setup in UAE

These days lots of foreign investor are looking for a Business Setup in UAE to start their new company in free zone are in mainland. And mostly overseas companies are looking to setup their branch or representative office in United Arab Emirates. Business Setup in UAE is a dream for almost all of the entrepreneurs in the world. However, Business setup in UAE is very challenging task, because the growing economy of emirates are attracting a lots of competitor in the market which are difficult for those new business launchers to take hold. So business setup in UAE required a great attention to enter in a competitive market. Setting up a business in uae one should care for all the following factors.

  • Knowledge of the Product/Services
  • Knowledge of the Target market
  • Selection of the suitable jurisdiction
  • Your input output channel
  • Initial expenses
  • Selection of local Partner (for mainland business)

So keeping all these factors in mind, it’s looking difficult for a new comer to do it by his own. Shams consultant is specialist people having specialties in business setup in UAE. We have done it for thousand of time, and know every spot of business setup in UAE.

Business Setup UAE

There are three main option for business setup UAE, Mainland business setup, offshore business setup and free zone business setup. If we slender down the selections for any entrepreneur to jump into the business setup UAE one has to track one of these directions. Formation of a normal business (Mainland) in any place of his choice all around UAE with the support of local Sponsor, where as per UAE rules Local sponsor will get 51% of shares in the business setup UAE and expatriate to keep 49% of the shares in business. But if you are looking to setup a business in UAE having 100% share in company the second option would be free zone business setup. In free zone business setup UAE owner will get 100% of share and required no local sponsor. But in this option of business setup in UAE the company will not be allowed to do business in a local market directly. If a person does not want any local trade and only want to protect their assets in UAE, then there is a third option offshore business.

Role of business setup consultants in Dubai

This is the time when you are planning to start your own business in dubai because you are searching for top business consultant in Dubai to help you with your business set up in Dubai. to get help from business consultant in dubai is very important because they are very skillful people to advice over various matter of setting up business in dubai.

To setup a new business in Dubai is great deal of responsibility; it requires knowledge and understanding about the market place, knowledge and understanding of UAE business law, knowledge of competition in the market and knowledge of business structure and activities perform in UAE. If you are not sure about these points then you need the help of business consultant in Dubai. These days there are many different types of business and every business has its own pros and cons so it is really essential for the investor to have understanding about the particular business. We are business consultant in Dubai offers business consultancy services to our clients; we have experienced business setup consultants who have deep knowledge about different types of businesses.

Our expert business setup consultants in Dubai have knowledge and understanding about many businesses and they have expertise in the following to help you to define the target market that can effectively enhance your business growth in the UAE.

  • Business setup consultants in Dubai can help in research & analysis
  • Business set up consultants in Dubai can help you in decision-making
  • Business consultant in UAE can save you money
  • Business setup consultants in dubai can speed up the process

Based on our experience in the market, we can definitely help you to make your business grow and we can find for you the right business solution in all matters regarding your business set up in dubai. Shams Consultant has great reputation in terms of delivering business consultancy services in UAE

FAQs | Business setup in UAE

Q : What are the main options for business setup in UAE? Ans : There are two main real physical options for business setup in UAE.
  1. Business setup in mainland.
  2. Business setup in free zone.

The biggest difference in both option of business setup in UAE is the ownership rules. If you choose the option of business setup in UAE mainland, then you have to add a local partner in your business which will have a share of 51% and you will get 49%. This can be adjusted through MOA. If you choose the option of business setup in UAE free zone then there is no need of local sponsor, because in free zone business setup foreigner investor are allowed to hold 100% of share.

Q : Why use shams consultant for business setup UAE ?

Ans : Shams Consultant has biggest team of specialist people who knows the technicality of business setup UAE. We join the power of the open market to setup a platform for buyers and sellers. We are the starting point of your business setup in UAE to give you a place in the largest market in the world. We are the executer of your dream of business setup in UAE. Our dedicated team of consultant is ready to help entrepreneurs seeking for opportunities in business setup UAE. We are very transparent in term of our work and we do not just want our clients to be satisfied from our services, we basically want our client to be delighted from the services they received.

Q : Why business setup UAE?

Ans : Dubai is a global city of business and a hub to connect the world in a single village, Business setup in UAE is become the dream and prime priority for all the investor, because Dubai has been got the honor of Expo 2020. After getting Expo 2020 Dubai become the prime location for business, infect no#1 commercial location in the Middle East. There are hundreds of other reasons for business setup UAE. Some of them are mention below.

  1. 100 percent foreign ownership
  2. Zero percent corporate tax.
  3. Liberty to repatriate income
  4. Liberty to repatriate capital
  5. Zero percent personal income tax
  6. Full release from import and export duties
  7. No currency limitations
  8. No recruitment problems
  9. Modern and efficient channel of communication
Q : If I have a business setup in UAE free zone, can I do any trade outside of that free zone?

Ans : Yes, you have no restriction to conduct business outside of UAE through a free zone company, But if you want to trade inside in UAE (Mainland). Then you have to follow one of the two methods for doing so. The 1st method is to trade directly with a mainland company that has an import/export license. The mainland company would need to clear any goods through customs as a part of the contract. 2nd method is to sign an agreement with a logistics company that would clear the product/goods and supply them to market in mainland.

Q : What is the alternative for business setup in UAE?

Ans : An alternative for new business setup UAE is to buy an ongoing business/Company, buying a new company is a direct process of owning a business. This is fast and easy process of business setup UAE, because it doesn’t involve capital deposit, finding local sponsor or approval from different department; you just need to agree with offer price of the business and you are the owner of the business. Buying an existing business is an expensive option as compare to new business setup in UAE.

Shams consultant provider company formation services in

  • Business registration in UAE
  • Business formation in Dubai Free Zones
  • Business registration dubai Professional.
  • Company Formation Trade.
  • Company Formation Commercial.
  • Business setup UAE(Limited Liability Company Formation)
  • Private Shareholding Company Setup
  • Business Setup Branch Offices / Representative Offices
  • Public Shareholding Company setup
  • Business Setup in UAE Free Zones
  • Business Legal Structures
  • Company Name Selection
  • Document Processing and Clearing, Work Permits, Visa’s
  • Corporate Bank Accounts
  • Corporate Finance

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