DMCC Free Zone

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In the first place DMCC Free Zone is one of the leading; as well as a fast rising free trade zone in the UAE. Today, over 10,000 member businesses from their base in DMCC free zone; that is businesses from across the world. Dubai Multi Commodities Center free zone starts in 2002; that is to operate in the commodities and related area; with a command to provide the physical market; and as well as financial frame work requires to set up a commodities market place in Dubai. DMCC free trade zone offer a great platform for businesses; that is for startup as well as to a multi nationals; from across the world including key market members; through out a large commodities value chain; as well as broader stake holders reaching from shipping to recruitment; IT to advertising as well as fashion.

The average of around 2000 companies join DMCC Free Zone every month; that is Like more than 6 companies per day, in which 95% are new to Dubai.

Type of a license in Dubai Multi Commodities Center ( DMCC Free Zone )

DMCC offers licenses across a wide range of (Trading, service and Industrial) activities. Today, Dubai multi commodities center (DMCC) companies are carrying out more than 450 different business activities. DMCC allow the following type of License to operate within the free zone of DMCC.

  • Trading License
  • Service License
  • Industrial License

DMCC allow two separate license under one same company name.

Advantages of DMCC Company formation

  • DMCC Free Zone has offered 0% corporate tax for 50 years
  • It has 0% personal tax for 50 years
  • DMCC Free Zone offered 100% foreign ownership
  • Simple set up process.
  • Simple process for sponsorship of employees
  • It is one stop solution for all kind of license allowed in free zone.
  • You do not need a UAE local Partner to setup a company at DMCC
  • DMCC free zone setup required minimum of one director and there is no maximum requirement.
  • DMCC free zone setup required minimum of 1 shareholder and a maximum of 50.
  • It allows a person can be a shareholder in multiple companies.
  • The minimum share capital for company is AED 50,000.
  • It allows two separate licenses under one company name.
  • A wide range of activities are allowed in DMCC.

Do I need a UAE Partner to form a DMCC free zone company?

One of the many advantages of setting up a company in DMCC free zone; that is it offers 100% foreign ownership. You don’t need a UAE local Partner to form a company at DMCC free zone; unless your business is a pharmacy. In this instance, the Ministry of Health requires; a UAE National shareholder in order to issue the required NOC.

 Is it mandatory to have an office to open a new DMCC free zone company?

Yes, it is mandatory to have an office to open a new DMCC free zone company; below are the property options:

  • Flexi Desk
  • Serviced Office
  • Physical Office

What is DMCC flexi desk and what is DMCC Flexi desk fee?

Flexi desk DMCC is a hot desk facility; that is given in the Business Centre of the DMCC Free Zone; and it can be use up to 5 hours weekly for free of charge. DMCC Flexi desk option is given by DMCC free zone; to facilitate entrepreneur to start their business with minimum cost. The DMCC Flexi desk option is not available for General Trading License. Flexi desk DMCC are only eligible for three UAE residency visas. If more visas are requires; then the company needs to lease a permanent office; that is in the DMCC free zone and one visa can be obtained for each 9 sq/mt. of the office.

DMCC Flexi desk Fees

Dmcc flexi desk cost are the following.

Flexi Desk (3 visa quota) AED 17, 610/year

What kind of corporate structures are allow in DMCC free zone?

LLC as well as branches and subsidiaries of local and also foreign companies; can be registere with DMCC free zone.

What is a share capital for DMCC company formation?

DMCC Free Zone company
DMCC Free Zone company

Share Capital refers to the portion of a company’s equity; that is obtain or will be obtain by a share holder for cash; or an equivalent item of capital value. It is also called subscribe share capital. The share capital is calculated as:
Number of total shares divided by Unit value of each share (also known as par value)

How many share holders are require to form a LLC in DMCC Free Zone?

There must be a minimum of one shareholder and a maximum of fifty shareholders.

Can a client have an office outside the DMCC Free Zone to start the business?

No, it has to be inside the DMCC Free Zone. However, DMCC Free Zone offer a wide range of office solutions that cater to all your needs; ranging from full fledged office space to flexible office options; such as Service Offices and Flexi Desks.

What is serviced office dubai DMCC free zone

Serviced office provide to clients that have full time staff and require a dedicated office for their company. Unfurnished, as well as, fully furnished offices are available at DMCC free zone; where your business can move in almost immediately. The office space of 20 – 25 sqm can comfortably accommodate 2 – 3 people. All Business Centre facilities are available with these service offices.

What is the minimum number of directors in DMCC free zone company?

The minimum number of company directors is one director, which is mandatory for all types of companies except branch companies; while the maximum number of directors in DMCC free zone company are six.

Can I be a manager in more than one company?

Yes, if you provide a No Objection Certificate from your current sponsor.

Can I be a partner in more than one DMCC free zone company?

Yes, you can be a partner/shareholder in multiple DMCC free zone companies.

What is the minimum share capital require for DMCC company formation?

The minimum share capital for a DMCC company formation is 50,000 per share holder.

What is the minimum office requirement DMCC company setup?

One of the advantage of DMCC company setup is the access; it provides a wide range of commercial property choices within JLT; from freehold to leasehold, commercial to retail and even flexi desks. Office requirements depend on the number of employees; as well ason the type of activity of the DMCC Free Zone company. A DMCC Free Zone company may choose; that is from a range of options starting from a flexi desk of 20 to 30 sqm. A flexi office of 200 to 265 sqm; through to multiple floors of an office tower which may be up to 2,000 sqm each. For example, a company such as a Management Consultancy; that is with 5 employees may need to have an office space of at least 50 sqm. In contrast, a retail food and beverage outlet; operating multiple shifts would be subject to different requirements.

Can I take a license without renting any Office facility?

No, this is not allow. However DMCC free zone has a wide range of Business center products to suit all budgets. Please contact us for detailed information.

Can I rent an office in JLT with my existing license from DED or another UAE Free Zone Jurisdiction?

No, you must have a DMCC licensed company. This may include a branch of your DED/other Free zone company in DMCC.

Can a DMCC license company rent a warehouse facility outside the DMCC Free Zone area?

In order to rent a warehouse or any office facility in another area in the UAE; A dmcc license company require a license from the authority of that jurisdiction. In such case, the DMCC free zone company can set up a branch company in that area; that is where the facilities are available. However, some warehousing companies are offering part time spaces or sub lease options; in this case, no branch of dmcc license company will require to setup in that area.

Can the share holder also act as the appointed officer in dmcc free zone company?

Yes, the share holder in a free zone company; can hold all or any of the officers positions; that is (A Manager, A Director, A Legal Representative or A Secretary).

What is the Ultimate Beneficiary Owner Form for DMCC company setup?

UBO for a DMCC company setup; is a form that identifies the details of the ultimate beneficial owner(s) (UBO); that is of a corporate shareholder applicant. A UBO is an person who ultimately owns; as well as controls in aggregate directly; as well as indirectly 10% or more of the company or a group of companies.

What is an Operating Name for business setup in DMCC dubai?

It is the trade name under which the company operates its business; that may differ from its licensee registered name. For example: a business setup in DMCC dubai with a name of Green Desk DMCC; while its operating name is Greenery Wood.

Who will sign the Resolution to establish the DMCC free zone Company?

There are 2 scenario where we can decide that who will sign the resolution; that is for company formation in DMCC Dubai.

In the case of an Individual Company, in this case share holder will sign; the document or an other word the owner of the business setup in DMCC; that is will sign itself or any POA holder.
In the case of Subsidiary, in this case any authorize person of the parent company can sign document; or there is an other way in which powers can be pass through the DMCC resolution; as well as a separate POA to a person to act on behalf of the company.

Who will sign the MOA for the company formation in DMCC Dubai?

there are 2 scenario where we can decide that who will sign the MOA; that is for company formation in DMCC Dubai.

In the case of an Individual Company, in this case share holder will sign; the document or an other word the owner of the DMCC Companies formation; that is will sign itself or any POA holder.
In the case of Subsidiary, in this case any authorize person of the parent company can sign document; or there is an other way in which powers can be pass through the DMCC resolution; as well as a separate POA to a person to act on behalf of the company.

How can we reserve the name for DMCC company formation?

When we are applying for initial approval; that is we have to provide 3 propose name for DMCC company formation. DMCC free zone always reserves your first choice and will ensure that there is no other company; that is with the same name or a name similar enough to be fuzzy. Please note that there are certain words which are not allow to use; and these words are clearly mention on the application form. The name of all new companies will end in DMCC. Please note that branch companies will always adopt the name of the parent company followed by the suffix ‘DMCC Branch’.

I currently have a company in another UAE Free Zone; can I transfer that to DMCC free zone?

No you cannot transfer a company or license from any Free Zone to another free trade zone; you need to set up as a completely new company. However, we can aim to give you the same name and activity for your DMCC company formation. Please contact our Member Services Team to discuss further.

How many days will it take for DMCC company setup?

As soon as the documents has submits online; as well as direct to the authority, the company can be setup within 2 to 3 weeks. But in order to maintain a high standers; as well as built a better place for good business; that is DMCC free zone conducts due diligence reviews as part of all DMCC company setup.

DMCC Company set up cost

DMCC License cost
Initial Approval and Trade Name (one time) AED 1,000
Registration Fee (one time) AED 9,000
License Fee (yearly) AED 20,040
Auditors Appointment Letter (one time) AED 1,000
Memorandum Of Association (one time) AED 2,000
 Dmcc flexi desk cost  AED 17,610
TOTAL AED 50,650


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