Saif zone company formation

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Saif zone company formation
Saif zone company formation

Saif zone company formation provides some of the most attractive business incentives in the area. Which include pace of service and ease of process. To think about the lengthy as well as complex process to set up company in the Middle East; can be a serious obstacle to potential investors. But Saif zone company formation has a 24 hour licensing process. This will enable your business to be up and running faster than has ever been possible before.

The client base is among the largest in the world from one inner most hub. It has accessable to more than two billion people. It is one of the most energetic Emirates in the UAE. Sharjah accounts for over a third of the country’s industrial activity. Its associations to the rest of the world are reachable and regardless of where your clients are based. A saif zone provides you a personal as well as corporate tax free income with zero import export duties.

Saif zone company formation

Flexibility has always been one of Saif zone company formation leading objectives. From a single office space to whole manufacturing facilities and everything in between. The options are intended to accommodate each and every business scenario. Warehouses, container parking, storage areas, bunkers and labor housing. These all are accessible at the lowest costs and highest quality. Saif zone company formation provided an unlimited staff to support your business along with sponsorship and visas. For in-house workers to make the transition to a new workplace as smooth as possible.

Thanks to these options, some of the world’s most impressive companies operating in SAIF ZONE. As their support, with the added personal, corporate and competitive advantage of 100% foreign ownership. And 100% repatriation of profits and 100% free transfer of funds. Each step and every aspect of the profit make an excellent case for SAIF-ZONE’s being your HQ. But when they are all available under one roof in one pack up, the case is complete.

Benefits of Saif zone company formation

Sharjah Airport International Free Zone has been working for more than two decades now. Investors are still coming to carry out Saif zone company formation because of its compensation. That duly meet the requirements of the business owners and what they are searching for in a location.

Some of the advantages are listed below which investors observe. It give them the reason to opt SAIF Zone as the place to make their company.

Saif zone company formation allow 100% foreign ownership

A local sponsor will not be required for a expat to setup business in saif zone. This is entirely opposite from the mainland which needs you to find a local sponsor. Where a local will hold 51% of your company’s shares. In such case, it means that being in a free zone it will give you 100% ownership of your business.

Business setup in saif zone  has Tax exemption

Even though value added tax (VAT) has previously been implemented in the country. It falling onto some supplies as well as services. But organizations are still not obligatory to pay corporate and also income tax to the government. This is still seen as a enormous advantage for the businessmen. Who are searching for tax exemption from such kinds of taxes.

No Office Space Needed for Saif zone company formation

In such free zone, having a physical presence in the site is not compulsory. Companies are given the opportunity to not lease an office space, and still have up to three visas. Such kind of offer is for freelancers and single owners who do not have to stay in office to work. This is really a good agreement to have since they can have an up-and-running business; without having to go through the measures of setting up a business.

License for Saif zone company formation

Trade License
General Trading General Trading license can be get under a commercial license that allows a large number of products.
Commercial License Import, Export, Distribution, consolidation, storage or also warehousing of items specific in the license, Maximum limit is three similar product lines.
Industrial License Import of raw materials, manufacturing, processing, assembling, packaging and also exporting the finished manufactured goods.
Service license Service license allows the holder to perform service specified in the license only.  All type of services is permitted unless otherwise restricted by the Federal or local authorities.

Saif zone company formation cost

New Special Package* to set up your business at the Sharjah Airport Free zone


No of Visas: 10

Package Details Fee in AED Fee in USD
Lease rental for the SAIF Suite – 24 sqm (annually) 28,800 7,890
Miscellaneous charges 3,300 905
License Fee that is Service or Commercial License (annually) 7,500 2,055
Refundable Lease Deposit (One time) nil nil
Total** 39,600 10,850

No of Visas: 5

Package Details Fee in AED Fee in USD
Lease rental for the SAIF Office – 15 sqm (annually) 12,200 3,343
Miscellaneous charges 3,300 905
License Fee that is Service/Commercial License (annually) 7,500 2,055
Total** 23,000 6,303

No of Visas: 3

Package Details Fee in AED Fee in USD
Lease rental for the SAIF Desk (annually) 7,700 2,110
Miscellaneous charges 3,300 905
License Fee, that is Service/Commercial License (annually) 7,500 2,055
Total** 18,500 5,070

The Discounted Rental charges for the amenities will be valid as per the lease terms & conditions that will be applicable for first 2 years.

Visa as well as PO Box charges are not includes in this. PO Box charges are extra 1000 per year.

5% VAT will be applicable on service charges

The time frame required to set up company is 2 working days. We will help you in Sharjah Free zone company formation with Office as well as getting your Visas. We also provide a complete assistance in the documentation; that is for setting up a Branch / 100% Subsidiary of Foreign Company.