Laundry license in Sharjah

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Laundry business become the part of history since humans use to start wearing clothes; this type of Work is highly gender, and The Industrial Uprising slowly ran to automatic solutions to laundry work; especially starting from washing machine and later the flip dryer. Laundry, Starting a laundry business in Sharjah is quite easy; even if you do not have any experience in this business. Laundry license in Sharjah let you wash clothes, curtains, bed sheets; small carpets, leather products etc. physically or with the help of washing machines. As it is a field with high rivalry; there for you will face a lot of competitors. So we recommend you that before you start your project, do your study well.

Basics of Laundry Business in Sharjah

People always think that the laundry business is about the clothes; but it is not it is about the people living in your area. Laundry is a service type business; and its requirement is like any other service business; so you need to treat your clients well; if you want them to return to your shop again and again.

You need to think wisely about making your clients. You must need to think wow many of them you can handle. And you should have a plan and detail record keeping method before even allowing people know about your services. Create a proper business plan after leading due diligence on things; like the ideal client base, place, cost of setup and staffs.

You may want to mark companies who need to have laundry services. For example day care centers, beauticians, spa, restaurants, hospitals. Or even persons who find themselves overawed by a lot of laundry. Higher revenue expatriates will surely have more thrown away income to spend on this service. But you need to set your price in the range of middle class or even lower for lower class; in this way you may get high number of client as compare to focusing on one type of client.

Even if there are a few self-service Laundromats in Sharjah; but the high majority are not. Therefore you will need for Laundry license in Sharjah; to make sure that you have enrollment levels to offer this type of service. You could also contract out some of the services such as dry cleaning to people that offer special bulk rates to Laundromats.

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General requirements to set up the laundry license in Sharjah

  • Cooking and Sleeping and are not permitted in the working area of the Laundry
  • Cloth use for ironing must be save clean at all times.
  • No Smoking marks must be fix on the entrance of your laundry
  • Emergency contact numbers must be put on prominently.
  • Chairs / Sofa / Curtain: made from non absorbent material not be keep inside the working area.
  • You are not allow to keep food item in the working area
  • You also need to keep common sanitation below the ironing tables; cabinets, drawers, under the sink, corners of wall; curtains, pantry area, work area, exhausts, wash rooms etc.
  • There must be a separate room for chemicals use in Laundry; also put a sign of danger on it.
  • You need to take a proper care of machines and rollers use for pressing long sheets.
  • Transport van is an essential requirement for starting a laundry business in Sharjah.

License option for laundry Business in Sharjah

If you are going for a laundry license in Sharjah main land; then you need a local partner who will hold 51% of share. And if you are going for a laundry license in Sharjah free zone, you can own full ownership of it. However, in free zone your area options has a limit, and rental costs are little higher.

You will need to rent a shop with a minimum size of 30 sq / meters; for a laundry with either is washing or ironing services; and 40 sq / meters for a shop that has both washing as well as ironing services. It is important to get approvals from the Sharjah Municipality Planning Section, Health and the Safety Division.

How to start a laundry business in Sharjah

  • Submit the passport as well as visa copies of the partners.
  • Choose a name for your Laundry license in Sharjah and submit it to the DED for an approval
  • Once DED approve your laundry name; then you need to draft and sign the MOA
  • The next step for you is to rent a laundry space as per the mandatory standards of the DED; and make an agreement with the tenant
  • Get your tenancy contract along with the Ejari number
  • After this you need to get approval from the Sharjah Municipality Planning Section as well as Health and Safety Division.
  • Submit all the above documents to the DED and get your license.