General trading license Dubai

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Dubai is a trading hub. And general trading license in Dubai is the best form of trading. Because it will give you authority to trade more than one item. It is little expansive but more popular in Dubai. Before going in detail of Dubai general trading license; let me tell you some vital as well as key info about Dubai license.

Before you can start your business in the UAE; you need a license from DED or from any free trade zone. DED as well as all of the Dubai free zone offer General trading license in Dubai; to allow their client to perform more than one activity with the same license. Our consultant will guide you in getting your trade license in Dubai; that is either in DED or in any free trade zone. They will also guide you in the process as well as in documentation.

Type of trade license in Dubai

There are 3 main type of a trade license in Dubai; that is for those who want to setup business in Dubai main land. At this time let me tell you that the selection of one of the type depend; that is on the type of requirements. All these three type of trade license allow you to trade locally without any hurdle. The three types of a trade license in Dubai are as follows:

  • Commercial – this type of a trade license in Dubai; is provide to companies that are to engage in any kind of local trading of goods or services.
  • Professional – this type of trade license in Dubai; is issue to professional service providers, artisans, and craftsmen.
  • Industrial – this type of trade license in Dubai; is given to entities that are looking to engage in any type of industrial operation.

General trading license Dubai is fall under the commercial license.

General Trading company Activities

  • Activity Code : 521904
  • Activity Group : Other Trading Activities
  • License Type : Commercial

Activity Description: This type of a license will enable you to engage in import; as well as export of goods and trading of any of the allowed product; the activities that need special approvals, can also be traded upon obtaining NOC from the capable department.

Benefits of general trading license in Dubai:

  • Trade license in Dubai is a 100% tax free from any sort of tax
  • No capital require for a Trade license in Dubai
  • You can also operate your company from any part of Dubai
  • It is allow to trade more than one item in one single license.
  • Easy to get visa for employee
  • No currency restrictions for Trade license in Dubai
  • And the best part is that you are free to choose office locations anywhere in Dubai
  • Simple setup process to setup trade license in Dubai.
  • General trading license in Dubai;will allow you 100% repatriation of capital as well as profits
  • Hassle free legal procedures to get the trade license in Dubai
  • No audit requires.

General trading license Dubai

General trading license Dubai
General trading license Dubai

So General trading license Dubai will allow you to perform more than one activity. Or another word you can say that it will allow you to perform mix type of activity. Like you can trade in general trading license in Dubai; that is cosmetic product, health product, food item, construction material trading; as well as dry fruits etc. You can ask our Business Setup Consultants for complete list of item allow; that is in general trading license in Dubai.

Our setup specialists in Dubai will help you; that is to identify which license is best for your activity. After we select the most suitable option; then the process of getting the license will start.

Characteristic of a general trading licence in Dubai

Local and international trading for general trading licence in Dubai

A general trading licence in Dubai will allow you to trade within Dubai as well as in other emirates. As there are great opportunities within the local markets. But if you want to trade internationally through general trading licence in Dubai; then you can also do that without any restriction.

Tax free trading in Dubai general trading licence

Dubai is rich with free trade zones; which will allows you to trade in a tax free style. So in these free zone you are not liable to pay any tax on any profit; as well as income. All Dubai free zone allow Dubai general trading licence. So you can have an option to start your general trading in one of this free zone. Tax free trading allows you to save a lot.

Structure of General trading licence in Dubai

The Structure of General trading license in Dubai comes under the LLC Company. Where you need to have at least 2 shareholders and maximum of 50. If you want to start your business in Dubai local market; then you must need to hire a local as a local sponsor. Also local sponsor will hold 51% of share in the company; and remaining 49% will be available for expat. But free zone offer 100% ownership to expat for general trading license in Dubai.

Auditing is not mandatory for General trading license

Like in other authorities, in Dubai you don’t have to submit auditing report to the gov’t authorities; that is to renew your general trading license.

Visa eligibility for General trading license

General trading license in Dubai has not restriction on to get visa for their employees. It totally depends on the size of your Office space; the bigger you have office the more you can get visa. Some free zone offer General trading licence in Dubai with flexi desk; which are allow only for a few visas.

Banking facility for General trading license

You can use all types of banking facilities for personnel and corporate banking.