How to setup a real estate company in Dubai

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How to setup a real estate company in Dubai
How to setup a real estate company in Dubai

Real estate company formation in Dubai is one of the demanding businesses in the area. To register real estate company in Dubai you have a lot of option; like real estate developers, real estate manufacture, a real estate brokers (or agents); because investors interesting to invest in real estate in the region. The gov’t of Dubai is frequently organizing the region’s major Real Estate event; with 10,000 expected visitors and above 300 exhibitors per day ranging from brokers; to developers, to closing stages-users starving to grab a discount. These events are organizing to announce new projects. That is why the demand for Real Estate company formation in Dubai is very high.

Real Estate company formation in Dubai

Dubai is the only state in UAE which is not relying on oil as well as petroleum; due to less oil as well as petroleum reserves in the state. But Dubai cover this weakness of less resources by starting other projects; like high volume of import and export, tourism, business, infrastructure etc. for progress of the state. Business pleasant policies by Dubai govt. and political stability in the state; allows Dubai to become world leader in business opportunities. So Real Estate company formation in Dubai is one of the top opportunities for expat to invest in Dubai. Thus they are looking for how to setup a real estate company in Dubai.

Real Estate company registration in Dubai

One of the most demanding license in Dubai is real estate license; because not only expat but local UAE nation are also looking for how to get real estate license in Dubai. There is a contest in Gulf States for multistory building constructions and without any doubt Dubai is in advance in this race. It is clear from the high towers in Dubai including world’s tallest building Burj al Khalifa; along with Marina 101, world’s highest residential building, Princess Tower, Burj al Arab and many more. In order to support leisure industry in the state; the govt. is also give high rank to structures like man made artificial islands. Palm Jumeirah is one such example while building is in progress for other such islands like Deira Island, Palm Jebel Ali, The World, Maritime City and others.

Real Estate company registration in Dubai is also on the top; because Dubai has no mode to go back on these buildings. The building on several such high as well as unique structures is in progress; and also a number of plans for such constructions have been approves. Apart from that, more and more expat are living in Dubai and others are planning to purchase or hire housing buildings in Dubai. All these factors are openly showing that there are a number of opportunities for setting up a real estate business in Dubai; and these opportunities will further increase in the near future.

How to setup a real estate company in Dubai

First of all to setup a real estate company in Dubai; it is essential to describe the accurate type of activity which you will perform. There are a number of activities for which you can setup a real estate company in Dubai; that is real estate agency, broker, developer as well as auctioneer to leasing and property management. Every one requires diverse business models, levels of investment as well as legal nuts and bolts.
For instance, if you are looking for how to register a real estate brokerage in UAE; that either leases or sells property, there are just two types of legal structure which can be registered; a Limited Liability Company or a Sole Establishment. Also note that a UAE national will own the entire business.

How to setup a real estate company in Dubai for Consultancy Services

Consultancy real estate company registration in Dubai allows professional firms to apply for providing services of consultancy; that is to third parties on the credit of private property; including real property, to gain money from financial institutions to purchase other property. It covers mortgage of refinancing, closing and clearing loan, selecting finance institutions; penalties of cancelling the finance, preparing mortgage documents or mortgage arrangements; refinancing or mortgaging fully-paid property; also arranging for other mortgages or transferring a mortgage to another financial institution; as well as valuation of flat and variable finance rates.

The activities of these firms shall not comprise of providing mortgage services.

Real Estate Consultancies to setup a real estate company in Dubai

  • Activity Code : 741404
  • Activity Group : Consultancy -D- management, information and marketing
  • License Type : Professional

Activity Description consultancy real estate company formation in Dubai provide sound advice to probable buyers; as well as developing strategies to achieve their goals and objectives; it include showing properties, analyzing sales statistics, sourcing appraisers; referring mortgage service providers, contractors as well as renovation providers; examining contracts before making offers, closing and escrow expertise.

Real estate development license Dubai

Real estate development license Dubai encourage established companies to build up real estate projects; to relate to construct compounds for residential as well as commercial facilities for tourist; so that to expand infrastructure and to provide all conveniences and facilities. It includes present real estate projects owned by the holders of license as well as other people for auction on freehold basis; through contract between the developers and owners of land. A developer should open a real estate account before implementing the project.

Real estate development license Dubai

  • Activity Code : 659908
  • Activity Group : Real estate
  • License Type : Professional

Activity Description: Real estate development license Dubai form for the development; and founding of real estate projects which include housing and commercial complexes; tourism projects, and the development of the infrastructure and leisure facilities for such projects. It also covers the selling of the property or projects per the free hold ownership law of property; whether owned by the license holders or another party through a contract signed between the developer and the land owner and registration of the contract in the Escrow Accounts Department ahead of the commencement of the project.

Property management license Dubai

Property management license Dubai allows a firm to provide genuine property management services. This includes contracting with cleaning, maintenance and companies of security; managing the affairs administration of real property; and contract with real estate brokers to lease vacant units of real estate. These firms might not provide services of brokerage for the sale, resale or lease of real property.

Property management license Dubai

  • Activity Code 702006
  • Activity Group Real estate
  • License Type Professional

Activity Description : Property management license Dubai allows to manage; as well as supervise properties as concerning contracting with the firms in accuse of cleaning; maintenance as well as security services; conduct the administrative problems for the owner of  property’s; organize with lease brokers to find tenants for not in use units in the building. Property management license Dubai is not allow to practice selling, releasing or leasing properties

How to get real estate license in Dubai as buyer and seller

This service raises your spirits applying to provide brokerage services for renting Real property. Such service is obtainable to companies that act as link between landlords and tenants. These companies provide their services in return for commissions; and their role ends upon execution of the relevant agreements.

How to get real estate license in Dubai as Real Estate buying & selling Brokerage

  • Activity Code : 702001
  • Activity Group : Real estate
  • License Type : Commercial

Activity Description Includes firms dealing with buying and selling of property acting as brokers between the owners and buyers. The role ends with the signing of the contract and upon receipt of agreed commission.

How to get real estate license in Dubai as Buying and selling of real estate

Activity Description Includes firms busy in trade and advertising real estate; such as residential and non-residential buildings as well as land; these firms are not allowed to practice the activity Real Estate Development.

How to setup a real estate company in Dubai

A main point to think and consider before thinking of how to setup a real estate company in Dubai; that is, only a UAE national can own a real estate companies; and also note that one person can only get one license of such company. So this means that you need to find a local person who does not have any other real estate company on his or her name. UAE national will hold 51% shares of the business but you can make an agreement of different profit share with him. But the rule of having local sponsor does not apply in case you are going to setup your company in a free zone or opening a foreign company.

Before looking for how to register real estate company in Dubai, you need to do some market research. You can simply do this study by talking an expert consultant in business setup field; but reading local newspapers or go to a conference on local industry; will only give you an idea of the real estate business; but it will not educate you on how to register real estate company in Dubai. So only an expert business consultant knows the process; rules and regulation. After getting knowledge about the real estate business in UAE; it will be easier for you to choose whether it is suitable for you to set up such type of company; in the UAE mainland or one of the free zones; or you should work as a broker for an already established real estate company in Dubai.

How to get real estate license in Dubai

The first step for How to get real estate license in Dubai; is registration of trade name for your real estate company. This trade name should be link with the type of your business. It means you can use the terms of ‘developer, real estate or broker’ if you are using such activities in your business.

The real process to get real estate license in Dubai will start after getting the trade name. You can apply for advance registration of RERA in Dubai. You can have RERA approval after completing real estate course of 20 hours with cost of AED 12,020; in case of a post-secondary degree. Otherwise, the period of this course is 49 hours and it will cost AED 12,020. It is a compulsory course by the order of Dubai govt. so that the entrepreneur must know basics about his or her business.

After getting RERA certificate, you will sign the MOA “Notary Public”; after which the authority will issue license for establishment of the company.