RAK offshore company incorporation

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Ras Al Khaimah is one of the 7 states of the UAE; that is about an hour drive north of Dubai. Along with the rest of the UAE; RAK has also store oil related wealth in recent years. RAK Offshore company incorporation is a complete solution; that is for an international business. RAK Offshore incorporation not only offers an offshore location for an international business; but it also offer a strong controlling frame work based on global best practices.

In October 2006, RAK free trade zone established an offshore company registry; that is to set up Ras Al Khaimah offshore company RAKIC or RAK offshore company.

Most of the clients target RAK offshore company formation; because it is very flexible as well as a cost effective entity; it has the right to conduct international trade as well as services or investment holding for both; that is domestic (except Dubai base property) as well as international investments. RAK offshore company is restricting from carry out business with other UAE base entity and as well as with individuals.

RAK free trade zone aims to offer clients an attractive offshore tax and legal system; so that to compete with more other offshore jurisdictions such as the (BVI), JAFZA etc.

In comparison to the Jebel Ali Offshore Company (JAFZA Offshore); it is the alternative dubai offshore. At this point let me tell you one more thing; or you can say one more key point about off shore in RAK. You need to keep with this in mind. Which I also think is a key point for all of the off shore in RAK client; and also I think it will work to see the whole process of the offshore in RAK; and show the entire thing in clear way; that is, offshore company formation in RAK is less expensive to set up; as well as to maintain; and it is also consider more flexible in terms of its use and requirements.

The U.A.E status as a high growth and more and more diversify economy; as well as a traditional trade hub will help to give RAK offshore company a commercial standing; that is, in global services; global trade as well as regional investments.

RAK offshore company formation
RAK offshore company formation

RAK offshore company is the first complete offshore center; that is in the Gulf region; which offer services from IBCs to trusts; as well as offer services of foundation. At this point let me tell you one more thing; or you can say one more key point; which RAK off shore clients always ask me. That is, is it true that RAK offshore company is free from all kind of tax? And as we all know the answer is yes. So, it means that Ras al Khaimah offshore company is free from all kind of tax. And also it is free from duty tax. I think it is one of the best points of Ras al Khaimah offshore company.

To deliver; that is on the ability of a complete solution; RAK offshore company offers a group of discrete; but inter connect services as well as infrastructure.

RAK Offshore incorporation takes a great attention; that is to give small and medium enterprises the option of off shoring their business; through the creation of fine tools; so that enjoying the off shore benefits; some of which are list below:

Advantages of Offshore Company formation in RAK

  • First of all, RAK Offshore incorporation is use for an asset protection.
  • Offshore company formation in RAK is provide Confidentiality of execution
  • Tax planning; that is It is a tax free company; 0% corporate tax, 0% income tax as well as 0% VAT
  • RAK Off shore is not eligible to get a UAE visa for their share holders; as well as for their directors and also for their secretory.
  • 100% owner ship; that is expat can get the 100& owner ship of the RAK offshore.
  • Offshore company Formation in RAK can also open a Bank Account
  • A very well know Dubai address for an off shore set up.
  • No Paid up Share Capital required for an RAK offshore company set up.
  • RAK Offshore incorporation has no exchange controls
  • It has low cost of company set up; and also the easiest set up process
  • No annual audit requirement for RAK offshore company setup
  • Offshore company formation in RAK are allow to purchase; as well as sale property. And it is also allow to take owner ship of the property in UAE. (subject to the earlier approval of the land department).
  • Access to a superb communication and banking infrastructure
  • It has fast set up Procedure;
  • No need to rent an office space as well as industrial place. The legal address of offshore company formation in ajman agent; is the address of the offshore company.
  • Property owner ship for non residents in UAE free trade zones

Significant Features of a RAK offshore company formation

  • As a matter of fact at least one Share holder; one Director and one Secretary are requires to form a RAK offshore company. And with this in mind that a corporate share holder & directors are also allow. Also note that the Details of directors; that is, are not available for public inspection.
  • The share capital for a RAK offshore company formation is 0. It is one of the main values of RAK off shore. And with this in mind that we may create different class of share in one or more series.
  • Its allow to reserve a name for up to 90 days.
  • RAK offshore company formation allows to hold share in both; that is in a Free Zone as well as in onshore UAE companies; (i.e. local companies) or elsewhere in the world.
  • Director of board can held meetings anywhere in the world.
  • Every RAK Offshore company must keep account records; that is for at least 7 years from the date on which they were prepare. One or more director will sign and as well as approve the the Accounts. The accounts do not need to be file with RAK free trade zone.
  • Tax of RAK offshore company formation; that is 0 tax as well as 0 duties; also keep in mind that no tax information will be exchange with any country.
  • Power to engage in any legal activity. RAK off shore can do business in the UAE; that is with a proper license. It also has ability to trade in or own an interest in real property except in Dubai.

Document required for RAK Offshore company Setup

For Individual Applicant:

Till this point we explain a lot of thing about off shore set up. That is, what is an off shore set up; what are the benefits of an off shore setup; why we need to set up off shore in a free trade zone. Now it is time to say some thing about the documents. Following are the main documents for Ras al khaimah offshore company set up.

  • Document which shows the appointment of agent
  • Application form for RAK offshore incorporation.
  • Profile of the each share holder (resume or CV)
  • PP (Passport) copy along with UAE entry stamp page.
  • Original Bank reference letter must be certified by the Banker
  • Residency proof of the share holder; that is different utility bills like gas, electricity, water or Telephone bills
  • Notarized as well as attested POA (Power of Attorney).
  • Minimum 3 trade name.
  • Detail of Directors and Share holders having their individual address; and percentage of share of each share holder.

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How to setup an offshore company in RAK?

Finally it is time to have setup offshore company in RAK. At this point let me tell you one more thing; or you can say one more point which you need to keep in mind. Which i think is a key point for all of the clients; and also i think it will work to see the whole process of a set up off shore in RAK; and show the entire thing in clear way; that is the easy way to setup business in Dubai is to get in touch with us. In the first place, you can use website live chat button. So that to start chats with a RAK off shore specialist. Second way is that, you can Click Here to place a call back request.