Import export business in Dubai

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Import export business in Dubai
Import export business in Dubai

To know the background of Dubai import export business; we have to go back to the most ancient records. The UAE has been understandably place as a focal point for worldwide trade; which is in the middle of Asia and Europe on east-west partnership; and also the CIS and Africa on axis of north and south.

For import export business in Dubai also has a rich maritime history. At the same time as old as the 6th century, around the time of the beginning of Islam, Arab merchants would go in a conventional boat; and cover up a massive distances to trade spices all along the Route of Silk. The main trading route was at that time that starts from China through to the Sea of Mediterranean. Going back further more for import export business in Dubai; as early as 3000 BC, the UAE was very wealthy in natural resources; and in copper trade with countries such as Persia and Mesopotamia.

Import export business in Dubai

The discovery of area and export of oil came to begin in 1962. Another much more important trading milestone came in the near beginning of 1960s. When at that time Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, was the sovereign of Dubai. He had the vision of dredging stream of Dubai to let large shipping vessels to enter. In 1972 Port Rashid was inaugurated and in 1985 Jebel Ali Port, the first free trade zone of UAE.

Nowadays Dubai import export business is a very important license. As it allows import and export in between east and west. The Gulf Cooperation Council vast seacoast, extending from the Gulf of Oman to the east as well as the Arabian Gulf to the west. Led to the growth of a number of strategic ports over the years. The Hormuz channel at a standstill provides a road for above 40 percent of the world’s crude oil. With continue growths and major logistics hubs e.g. Kizad, Dubai World Central, part of Abu Dhabi. The UAE is growing its exports as well as imports business capacity.

Definition of Import export business in Dubai

Dubai import license is the process of bringing products into the UAE from all around the world; from one of the Emirates free trade zones or vice versa into a free trade zone from a UAE main land; while matching the legal necessities of country in terms of licensing and documents as well as permissions. The most important point about such license is that, it will allow you to be an importer; it includes a legal trade license to be having issue by license authority of UAE and that is register with the department of Customs.

Dubai Export license is the guiding principle of carriage commodities as well as services of locally produced to other countries or among free trade zones of UAE and companies of main land as pointed out in the above lines. The same aspects of licensing also apply as mentioned above.

Dubai import export business

If you want to export products or want to trade. Then you require Dubai import export business license. Like many other departments you also require registering with Customs of Dubai. Now Dubai Customs will bound to provide a full range of e-Services to capably manage the import and export of commodities. The online declaration and clearing system of Dubai Custom is called Mirsal 2. Its direct customer information consists about the procedure on how taking initiate and registration with Mirsal 2.

Dubai Customs Registration is very easy and can be done online. But you need to present a number of documents in front of the authority. All objects which are imports to Dubai as well as those which are exports from Dubai should be passing all the way through the customs office. The staff of Dubai Customs is keeping in hand a list of those substances which are prohibited; that is in term of import and export. Dubai Customs in coalition with DP World as well as JAFZA to build the online gateway for Dubai Trade; which provide a one stop shop for the Dubai import export business and events of trading in Dubai.

Free trade contracts connecting the UAE and other countries bounds the amount of tariffs put on traded item between these countries. The UAE has such contracts with a number of countries.

Import and export procedures in UAE between a free zone and a local company

All free trade zones in Dubai are the integral part of the UAE territory; but at the same time they are also consider outside of UAE customs territory. Therefore they are focal point to customs control other than standard customs actions. The common requirements for import export business in UAE free zone area are as under

  • The importer require to have a officially authorized importer code from authority of customs
  • Goods should be the same that are point out under the activity of the license of import export business in UAE
  • Commodities have to accomplish your destination in the free zone within 72 hours from the time of customs declaration
  • The free zone license are not assume to open, adjust or dispense of the commodities; before to their arrival in the free zone and approval of customs
  • Commodities have to be checked prior to entering in the area of free trade zone

Import and export procedures in UAE free zone from a foreign country

Free zone licenses are free from the expenses of customs duties. Goods may be stored for an unlimited time; depending on its type and the validity of the free zone import export license in Dubai.

Documents require are Dubai import export business

  1. Order of delivery – from the shipping or airline agent addressed to the Dubai import export business by the licensing management in the free zone area
  2. Note on Delivery – confirming the approval of commodities through the free zone company. If the delivery is moved by ground or from other areas of free zone
  3. Following copy of the bill of lading for sea shipment, manifest of road for land shipment. And original bill of airway for Import export business in UAE.
  4. For restricted supplies import authorize from the expert agencies in the free zone
  5. Invoice of sales total quantity detailing from the free zone licensee. And description of commodities, currency and sum value of each and every individual item
  6. Original and complete invoice item-wise with categorization of HS codes from the transporter addressed to the free zone license
  7. Certificate of source with stating the origin of products accepted by the country of chamber of commerce origins.
  8. Detailed list of Packing as per weight, process of packing; as well as the code of HS for all  item individually contained in the shipment
  9. Form of Import goods declaration for Import export business in Dubai
Import export business in Dubai

Present the above mention documents to every center of customs. That comes under the jurisdiction of Dubai customs at Jebel Ali port, also port Rashid; or cargo village. A bill of entry will be issue on submitting documents to clear the commodities into the free zone area.

Anyhow if you are unsuccessful to put forward the actual bill of lading. Or airway bill, invoice or certificate of origin. That is at the time of issuing the free zone transit in; a deposit of Dh 500 require to be paid. An evidence of the cost of goods must be offer in the absence of invoices. The claim bill for reimbursement must be prepar within 59 days from the bill date.

After the cargo gets clear by the staff of customs, the vendor collects the goods on compensation of storage. And managing as well as any other charges of port. The checking of all the items are need upon the entry. But apart from those which comes from the local market. In view of the fact that they already clear from customs there in the local area. The seals must be unbroken of incoming consignments and are to be open. That is in the presence of a customs inspector only. Any violation of such rule may draw action of penal.