Company incorporation in Dubai

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Dubai is converting itself in to an international trading center; as well as dynamic investment place in many sectors of economy such as import as well as an export; a trading, a logistics, an event management, a financial services; a tourism, a hospitality as well as construction and so on. There are number of reasons why a lot of business men demand for company incorporation in Dubai. Here are the top 10 reasons for selecting company incorporation in uae on a first place for doing business.

10 reasons for company incorporation in Dubai

No Taxation for company incorporation in Dubai

One of the top reasons for company incorporation in Dubai is the 0% tax in Dubai. The economy of UAE in general is considers to be the most significant; as well as the most diversified in the world. Dubai use 0% tax policy for almost all type of company; but with the exclusion of branches of international banks, hotels; as well as major oil and gas companies. The following taxes are not applies on Dubai company:

  • 0% corporate tax
  • No capital gains tax
  • 0% Value added tax
  • No personal income tax
  • No holding tax

Residency Visa for company incorporation in UAE

Company incorporation in Dubai
Company incorporation in Dubai

As a matter of fact the most common and well known reason; for company incorporation in UAE is the residency visa option. If you do company incorporation Dubai; as well as in other state of the UAE; then you are allow to get a UAE visa for yourself; as well as for family and for other employees. UAE Residency Visa will give you many benefits; such as: you can lease an apartment for short term and long term; you can open a current account in Banks and you can get visas for other countries; such as Schengen countries more easily as a resident in the UAE, you can enter and exit UAE multiple times.

Strategic Location

One of the top most reasons for company incorporation in Dubai is strategic location of UAE. UAE is place between Asia, Europe and Africa; Dubai is an ideal place for business setup. Because company incorporation Dubai are allow to do an import as well as an export; a trading, a logistics, an event management, a financial services; a tourism, a hospitality as well as construction and so on. Dubai is place in the center of UAE. Coast stretching 400 miles long. It has access to both the sea and has one of the largest airports in the world; through which Dubai speed up transportation of goods between the East and the West. Thus, company incorporation in Dubai has an access to 2.5 billion consumer; that is locate in the Gulf, Asia, Africa, CIS countries and Europe.

Safe Place to Live and Doing Business

The 4th top most reason for company incorporation in Dubai is the Safety; but in fact it is the main reason for attraction of expat. Dubai is recognizing as it is the one of the safe place in the world. The crime list in Dubai is one of the lower most in the world. The serious crimes such as kidnapping, rape, murder; as well as physical violence represent 0.5 to 1 for each 100,000 people; compare to the world average of 6 to 8 for each 100,000. Moreover, the UAE is one of the politically stable country; that is, in the Middle East. Security and political stability are some of the most important factors; that attract many people in to Dubai.

Full Repatriation of Capital in company incorporation in UAE

One of the main reasons of company incorporation in UAE; is the option of full repatriation of capital as well as profits. UAE has no constraint on repatriation of capital as well as profits. But a lot of companies like to keep their money in the UAE itself; due to safety and 0% tax policy of the UAE.

Dubai company incorporation in free trade zone

One of the reasons of expat attraction to Dubai company incorporation is the free trade zone. Free trade zones are the tax free area; where expat can set up business with full owner ship; that is 100% ownership and without a local emirate partner or agent. All free trade zones differ from each another and offer licenses in several sectors. For example, there is a free trade zones for financial institutions and services; that is DIFC; there is a free trade zones for educational and training institutions; that is (Dubai Knowledge Village); also there is a free trade zones for health care; that is Dubai Health Care City or DHCC; and also there is a free trade zones for media companies; that is Dubai Media City or DMC; and many others. There are more than 10 free trade zones are operating in Dubai itself.

Infrastructure for Dubai company incorporation

If you are looking for dubai company incorporation. Then you don’t need to worry about infrastructure of dubai business; finding an office, manufacturing unit; as well as retail shop or a warehouse; that is every things are ready to start. New but high standard industrial, residential as well as commercial tourism facilities; have been built fast and on a great scale during last few years. Besides, new roads, more suitable public transport system; new international airport are being develop in Dubai. According to travel and tourism Competitiveness Report of WEF; the UAE infrastructure has been rate as among the top countries in the world. The UAE came 8th in ground transport network; as well as 3rd in quality of air transport; also 2nd in quality of roads and 5th in sea port infrastructure.

Multi nationals company incorporation in Dubai

Another great reason of company incorporation in Dubai; that is the presence of multi nationals companies in Dubai. A lot of globally recognize multi nationals companies; that is Microsoft, an HP, an Oracle, an HSBC, an LG a Nokia; a Sony, a Royal Bank of Scotland, a Shell, a BBC World, an Emirates Airlines; a Proctor & Gamble as well as Adidas have their regional offices in Dubai. Besides, many internationally renowned universities, colleges; as well as schools have campuses site in Dubai; such as a Wollongong University, a Michigan State University, a London School of Economics; the American University; a Rochester Institute of Technology; London School of Business as well as Hult International Business School.

Sea Ports and Airports for Dubai company incorporation

One reason of Dubai company incorporation; is the sea ports as well as air ports of Dubai. Dubai has one of the biggest sea ports; that is Jebel Ali Port; and also the biggest airport; that is Dubai airport in the area. So in Dubai company incorporation you do not feel any difficulty in terms of freight. In addition, it is very easy to bring goods to Dubai from any part of the world; and similarly, send goods from Dubai is easy to any part of the world through sea, air; as well as land.

Living Standards.

Last but not the least reason of company incorporation in Dubai; is the living standards in Dubai. That is people choose this option because of high quality of life and living conditions; that one can appreciate in the UAE. The UAE was select as the no 1 country with the best quality of life in the region; as well as 15th in the world; that is 15 out of 160 countries. Besides, UN Happiness Index has recently classified UAE; as the 14th happiest country in the world. While relishing high quality of life; as well as living stander you can be extra productive because of the positive environment around you.

There are a number of other reasons as well; for why Dubai has turn out to be one of the prefer place; for company incorporation in dubai, working and living. Expats make up nearly 90% of the total residents in Dubai; who are immigrants from almost 200 countries of the world. Expats are attracting, among other reasons, by business and investment opportunities in the Emirate.

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